Podcast Transcript: Applying Data Lessons Learned from B2C Experiences to the B2B World

Jan 11, 2023


Our Guest: John Stefek

Company: Enterprise Bank and Trust

Website: enterprisebank.com

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Podcast Transcript: How to Build a Brand Internally & Why All Great Brands are Operational

Apr 11, 2022


Our Guest: Erin Pryor

Company: First Horizon Bank

Website: first horizon.com

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Tags: branding, digital marketing, buy-in, marketing leadership, brand consistency, financial services marketing, sales and marketing alignment, banking customer experience, Bank Marketing Today by Vya, podcast, marketing data, social responsibility

Podcast Transcript: How to Bring Cross Functional Teams Together to Focus on the Strategic Side of Marketing

Feb 19, 2020


Our Guest: Kevin Mackiewicz,
Vice President | Marketing Director, Wealth and Asset Management

Company: Fifth Third Bank

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Tags: customer experience, financial services marketing, sales and marketing alignment, strategic bank marketing, Bank Marketing Today by Vya, sales enablement, podcast, mergers & acquisitions

Local Marketing Insights Could Be Hiding in Your MDF Funds

Apr 21, 2016

There are many industries that use some form of MDF, co-op, or local advertising funds. Whether it is manufacturing companies selling through dealers or franchisors selling through franchisees for example, these industries who don’t sell directly to consumers can find it challenging to get a complete picture of their customer at the local level. Fortunately, by effectively managing and tracking how local marketing dollars are being spent, you can gain marketing insights that you may be missing today:

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Tags: localized marketing, local marketing, MDF funds, local marketing budgets, sales support, sales and marketing alignment, marketing budget management, co-op dollars

Reduce Marketing Trash with Marketing Resource Management

Apr 07, 2016

Marketing collateral materials are an important prospect touchpoint: In a matter of seconds, they create a brand impression, convey your product or service’s unique value proposition, and ideally capture the prospect’s interest. Marketers invest a significant amount of resources in developing marketing materials. However, all too often these materials go under-utilized or unused by Sales, and tons of outdated printed pieces end up being thrown out.

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Tags: marketing ROI, print on demand, marketing resource management, marketing asset management, marketing systems, marketing resource management ROI, sales support, sales and marketing alignment, print management, marketing hub

Generate demand, increase sales by bringing together marketing, sales and production

Oct 08, 2015

It’s no secret that when sales and marketing work together, sales can jump. Add production teams, and these groups can create a well-oiled machine: one that can generate demand, predict need and increase sales. When you’re a manufacturer, that insight is critical to running a smooth operation.

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Tags: manufacturing marketing, sales, marketing, marketing resource management, increase sales, sales and marketing alignment

Bottom-Up Communication Helps Corporate Learn from Distributed Local Sales Force

Nov 19, 2014

Communication, communication, communication. Great business strategies rely on it. Effective sales relationships bank on it. And in a distributed environment, successful marketing plans depend on it.

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Tags: marketing technology, distributed sales channels, local marketing, sales and marketing alignment

How to Partner with Distributors on Up-sell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

May 10, 2013

Whether you are in the financial services, insurance or manufacturing (e.g. building products) verticals, planning joint campaigns with your distributed sales channels is a great way to generate new up-sell and cross-sell business. Because they already know and likely trust your business, existing customers are a prime audience for additional sales, but they may not be properly informed about the full scope of products or services in your portfolio. You may expect that your distributors are taking initiative to nurture up-sell and cross-sell business from their current customers, but they may need a little push. However, if you provide direction and make it easy for distributors to participate, you can both profit. Here’s how:

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Tags: Marketing Programs, insurance, marketing campaign, Distributed Sales Model, Building Products, MRM, marketing resource management, local marketing automation, financial services marketing, sales and marketing alignment

Coaching Sales to Personalize Marketing Messaging

Oct 30, 2012

Changes in the consumer buying cycle have completely transformed Marketing’s approach, and the biggest harbinger of this change is that consumers might move on before you ever knew they were customers. Competing successfully in this new environment requires three foundational building blocks:

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Tags: MRM, Continuity Campaigns, personalization, marketing resource management, sales and marketing alignment

Marketing’s New Role in Sales Enablement – Part 1

Jul 24, 2012

With more consumers conducting pre-purchase research online, lead nurturing remains an important strategy in maintaining prospect interest during the early stages of the consumer decision journey, while content has gained momentum as an important sales support resource. This new environment creates a new model of collaboration between Sales and Marketing.

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Tags: MRM, marketing strategy, marketing resource management, sales and marketing alignment

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