How to Partner with Distributors on Up-sell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

May 10, 2013

Whether you are in the financial services, insurance or manufacturing (e.g. building products) verticals, planning joint campaigns with your distributed sales channels is a great way to generate new up-sell and cross-sell business. Because they already know and likely trust your business, existing customers are a prime audience for additional sales, but they may not be properly informed about the full scope of products or services in your portfolio. You may expect that your distributors are taking initiative to nurture up-sell and cross-sell business from their current customers, but they may need a little push. However, if you provide direction and make it easy for distributors to participate, you can both profit. Here’s how:

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QR Codes and Customer Acquisition

May 22, 2012

QR codes are the perfect marketing medium to drive new customer acquisition.

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QR Codes and Loyalty Programs – A Perfect Pair

May 07, 2012

New players in loyalty such as Perx and Punchd have evolved loyalty programs through their innovative uses of QR codes. Quick response codes are an ideal pairing with loyalty programs because they make it easy for customers to enroll in your program and register for discounts and incentives at the point of purchase while your company is still top of mind. Here is our guide to integrating QR codes into your loyalty program, including caveats for getting started and examples of successful applications to help inspire your own successful QR-loyalty pairing.

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The Mechanics of Rebranding – Executing a Seamless Brand Transition

May 03, 2012

Whether your rebranding decision is driven by a merger or acquisition or competitive reasons that necessitate refreshing your brand image in the marketplace, irrespective of the catalyst for change, rebranding strategies require time and research to be done right: Setting your rebrand strategy is just the beginning. Below is our guide to executing a seamless rebrand, including a review of the channels and materials affected and recommended best practices for managing the transition.

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Boost Distributed Sales Channel Success with Co-Sponsored Events

Apr 24, 2012

Joint, co-branded events are an effective tool in your marketing promotions mix to help distributed sales channels reach new prospects and close the sale. Events and seminars are excellent opportunities for new prospects to learn more about your product or service, and in-person meetings with current customers can also generate new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Co-op marketing events and seminars also provide a means for insurance, financial services and manufacturers, such as building products companies, to get closer to their end-customers while overseeing delivery of the brand message. Here’s your checklist for executing a seamless co-op marketing event or seminar from start to finish.

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Why Marketers Require Self Service Brand Management

Oct 08, 2010

Today’s marketing professionals are faced with an ever expanding marketing mix (where to spend their marketing dollars). Not only are they expected to be experts in the traditional forms of marketing, but also continue to master the new marketing options invented nearly every day. There is so much opportunity, yet still the same amount of time in the day and in today’s economic climate, fewer resources to execute on the overall marketing strategy. All these conditions warrant a very serious look at marketing program efficiencies.

One of the key aspects of marketing is to create, mold, and protect the brand. Luckily the marketing professional now has tools to accomplish this key initiative in a self service manner. What do I mean by self-service? I mean that a marketing program can now be launched across a large community and the brand control is built into the program. Local resources are able to access marketing programs, execute on initiates, in a self service manner, under centralized brand control. The focus of the marketing professional is then on strategy, innovation, and creativity – not on day to day monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Solving Distributed Marketing Challenges: Centralize Control While Enabling Local Decisions

Sep 22, 2010

A good marketing program is the right mix between ideas and execution. As resources are constrained throughout organizations, marketing departments, like everyone else, are expected to do more with less.

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