Generate demand, increase sales by bringing together marketing, sales and production

Oct 08, 2015

Sale_10.08.15_IMAGE4It’s no secret that when sales and marketing work together, sales can jump. Add production teams, and these groups can create a well-oiled machine: one that can generate demand, predict need and increase sales. When you’re a manufacturer, that insight is critical to running a smooth operation.

Here’s what each can bring to the table:

  • Marketing delivers key insights on upcoming and current campaigns.
  • Sales offers critical on-the-ground information on what consumers are buying or asking about.
  • Production can share details about manufacturing schedules, down time or anticipated delivery delays that should impact marketing messaging and sales.

When these three teams work together, they can create effective predicative sales models that give a clear picture on what’s happening now, and what’s going to happen next.

Getting these teams together may be easier than you think. Here are 3 ways to help groups get on the same page without adding to already long to-do lists.

1)    Communicate. Schedule monthly meetings to discuss upcoming marketing campaigns, sales projections and production needs.

2)    Lean on reports. Make sure all three groups use, or have access to, the same reporting and measurement dashboards. When meetings can’t happen, electronic dashboards help give an at-a-glance report on what’s happening with marketing campaigns to help shape production or sales projections. A marketing resource management system can also get teams on the same page with quick access to marketing campaign reports to help inform sales and manufacturing decisions.

3)    Identify influencers. If teams are reluctant to work together, identify an influencer – someone who can encourage teams to interact and engage with one another.

What are some of your best tips for getting marketing, sales and production teams on the same page? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @vya_systems.

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