Podcast Transcript: Applying Data Lessons Learned from B2C Experiences to the B2B World

Jan 11, 2023


Our Guest: John Stefek

Company: Enterprise Bank and Trust

Website: enterprisebank.com

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Where Are Bank Marketing Teams Spending Too Much Time?

Aug 27, 2019

Today’s technology helps us address our goals of working smarter, faster and better. But even with the latest innovations, are there activities that Marketing continues to spend too much time on? And are these activities getting in the way of Marketing’s ability to contribute strategically to the organization?

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Tags: marketing process optimization, bank marketing compliance, MRM, marketing strategy, marketing technology, marketing resource management, CRM, financial services marketing, strategic bank marketing, market research

Don’t Get Knocked Off Balance by the Swinging Pendulum of Bank Regulation

Mar 23, 2017

With the recently signed executive order requesting a review of the Dodd-Frank Act, the Trump administration has taken a first step toward potential regulatory relief for banks and financial services companies. Experts and influencers on both sides of regulation are already fiercely debating the merits and failings of the current law and any possible rollback of it. At this point, the result of such a review is uncertain. What is clear is that change is most definitely in the air.

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Tags: bank marketing compliance, brand consistency, marketing resource management, legal and regulatory compliance, financial services marketing, mortgage marketing

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