Perspective, Empathy and the Art of Marketing

Oct 09, 2013

It struck me on a recent visit to a local playground: "Boy that play-set is small!" I had first visited this park when my child was just a toddler. Back then, this play-set looked enormous to me and I shadowed my youngster's every step, nervous they would plunge into the mulch far below at any moment. 

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Digital Advertising Trends and the Role of Marketing Technology

May 16, 2013

In our April Marketing News Snapshot, we shared this article from Direct Marketing News. It features Susan Wojcicki, SVP of Advertising at Google, discussing five trends shaping the future of digital advertising. While they all warrant monitoring, these three in particular jumped out at me, coming from a marketing technology background. For deeper explanations of the trends, be sure to read the article by Ryan Joe. To see how the future of digital advertising compares to that of digital marketing, and the role marketing technology plays in that future, keep reading below!

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New Year, New Series! Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for January

Dec 04, 2012

Here at DocuStar, we have extensive experience helping client marketing teams execute highly targeted marketing campaigns through the integration of digital marketing technology and variable data printing. To help share best practices in multichannel campaign management, we are pleased to announce a new monthly blog series providing multichannel campaign ideas. As the New Year approaches, here are some creative ideas for crafting your own multichannel campaigns this January.

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Making Big Data Connect via Personalization

Nov 15, 2012

As marketers embrace growing volumes of customer data, variable data printing (VDP) is a way to make that data come to life and to help prospects and customers make an emotional connection with your brand. While it may sound complex, campaign personalization via VDP is within reach and can be executed at varying levels of sophistication with your Big Data efforts. Whether you are just beginning to put structure around your customer data for the first time or are further down the path, variable data printing can be an effective approach to personalizing marketing campaigns. Here’s your quick guide to making big data connect – no matter the sophistication of your customer data.

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Coaching Sales to Personalize Marketing Messaging

Oct 30, 2012

Changes in the consumer buying cycle have completely transformed Marketing’s approach, and the biggest harbinger of this change is that consumers might move on before you ever knew they were customers. Competing successfully in this new environment requires three foundational building blocks:

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How to Build Trust through Personalized Marketing Communications

Aug 23, 2012

Marketing personalization touches everything from the digital media we consume such as our Netflix queues and viewing histories to the transactional business relationships we maintain with financial institutions and cell phone carriers. The level of personalization that can be delivered in marketing communications depends on what you know about your customers and prospects. As marketers in the era of big data, however, it’s critical that we differentiate between personalization that builds consumer trust and the kind that erodes it – all while showing respect for our targets. Here are some guidelines.

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How to Change Marketing Technology Vendors

Aug 21, 2012

Last week, we shared 7 signs that could mean your marketing technology vendor isn’t measuring up. If you’re facing any of those challenges you may have decided it’s time to roll up your sleeves and change marketing resource management technology vendors. Here are some guidelines to help ensure a successful transition.

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Does Your Brand Show Respect for Your Targets?

Jun 19, 2012

We recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation given by Eric Bishop of Rockfish Interactive, who shared a quote that really resonated with us:

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Why Localization Matters – Part 2

May 17, 2012

Part one of this series addressed trends in marketing localization as measured by CMO’s and reported in a recent CMO Council study. In this blog, we discuss how to adapt your content to local buyers and markets. Below are some tactical suggestions for localizing your marketing efforts.

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Why Localization Matters

May 15, 2012

arketing localization is here, and myriad factors are driving the shift. A new study released by the CMO Council reviewed the trends in marketing localization as measured by CMO’s. 

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