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Apr 23, 2015

Vya Staff

ThinkstockPhotos-477018805We work with a lot of clients who need help managing their local marketing budgets. Managing, allocating and approving requests across a number of marketing budgets – from co-op to market development funds; advisory council budgets to target market funds and more – can become a complex task. 

Fortunately, the right approach and tools can help streamline the process. A local marketing budget system is one tool that can help managers efficiently allocate and oversee budgets, and makes it easy for local partners to request and use available funds.

Here’s how a local budgeting management tool works:

  1. Efficiently allocate local marketing dollars to individual sales contacts in one system.

Corporate, district or regional managers can log into one system and assign specific dollar amounts to local sales teams as appropriate. It’s easy to vary dollar amounts for individual users based on performance, vendor size, participation in advisory councils or other criteria specific to your organization.

  1. Empower local sales channels to request funds, customize materials and implement local marketing campaigns.

Sales contacts can review current campaigns, use dollars assigned to them, marketing materials, submit expenses incurred outside the software (like event sponsorships or outdoor advertising) and more. Budgets and campaigns need to be easily accessible to motivate local sales reps to use available budgets. After all, money left on the table means sales get left out in the cold.

  1. Easily, and quickly, review and approve requests.

It’s easy to approve requests for funds. You’ll be notified automatically when a sales contact uses funds or requests new funds. A local marketing budget management tool can help you efficiently manage local budgets so you’re not spending all your time allocating and reviewing requests. It helps free your time to focus on big picture, strategic initiatives.

  1. Get a clear picture of marketing activities across regions and budgets.

A local marketing budget management tool can give you a clear picture of what’s working across regions. Log in to see where local sales contacts are spending money, and match that against their performance. Notice a spike in sales in one region? Compare it to local marketing budgets to see if you can identify a trend, and make recommendations to other regions.

It goes without saying that we’re dedicated to working with our clients to help solve their local marketing budget challenges. Our approach is focused on implementing software that works, and standing behind it to help clients grow their business and simplify their workflow. Here’s how we do it:

  • We spend time learning your business and understanding your specific needs and challenges.
  • We take that insight and offer solutions that work for you – delivering a blend of features and functionality to help manage local marketing budgets and streamline work.
  • We train and educate your employees and outside sales reps on how to use the system. After all, people must use it for it to work.
  • We offer continued support through weekly status calls, regular training sessions and more so you can focus on the work, and we can focus on the technology.

What local marketing budget challenges are you facing? Let us know how we can help.


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