Marketing Resources to Guide You Throughout the Coronavirus Outbreak

Podcast Transcript: How to bring a brand story to life in an industry undergoing consolidation and acquisitions

Podcast Transcript: How to Bring Cross Functional Teams Together to Focus on the Strategic Side of Marketing

Marketing and HR: Collaborating on Recruiting and Brand Success

Marketing 2020: Embracing the Human Connection

Benchmark Your Marketing Budget

Internal Relationships: A Key to Bank Marketing’s Strategic Impact

Fostering a Corps of Active Brand Promoters

Where Are Bank Marketing Teams Spending Too Much Time?

New Name & Focus Yield Meaningful Experience at Franchise Marketing Leadership Conference 2019

What Influences Marketing’s Role in a Financial Organization?

How Effective Local Marketing Drives Franchise System Growth

How to Manage Color Consistency Across Printed Marketing Materials

IFA 2019 - Recapping the International Franchising Association’s Annual Convention

For Bank Marketers, What Does It Mean to Be Future Ready?

Postage Rate Increase: How to Keep Your Direct Mail Marketing Costs in Check

Report: How National Franchise Brands Are Getting Local with Marketing

Thankful for 25 Years of Vya

Fresh from BAI Beacon 2018: Highlights & Surprises

Infographic: The Marketer’s Path to Strategic Impact

Marketing Resource Management - How to Ensure a Successful Implementation

Exploring the Franchise Customer Journey at FCMC 2018

Lessons in Meaningful Marketing from the ND CMO Summit

What Criteria Really Matter When Buying Marketing Software & Services?

Bank Marketers: Charting a Path to Strategic Impact

How and Why Franchise Consumer Marketers Are Going Local

Sizing Up: Key Considerations for Large Format Printing Success

Marketing Resource Management Software Reviews, Vendor Landscape and Other Tools for the MRM Buyer

Brandemonium Breaks Out in Cincinnati

Rebalancing Act: Shifting Staff Focus from Martech Back to Marketing

How Marketing as a Service Works for Lean Marketing Teams

Delivering Results: Why Marketers Are Coming Back to Direct Mail

Nuggets of Franchise Marketing Wisdom Heard at #FCMCon 2017

How to Help Franchisees Up the Quality Quotient of Their Local Marketing

Getting the Banking Customer Experience Right

How to Support Your Local Associates for Successful Community Sponsorships

Don’t Get Knocked Off Balance by the Swinging Pendulum of Bank Regulation

Don’t Stop the Presses: Overcoming Print Materials Challenges for End-Product Manufacturers

How to Foster a Marketing Culture at the Local Franchisee Level

Step Up to Creative Production Management that Won’t Leave You in an Abandoned ‘MOOD’

Transcending the Logo: Brand Consistency in All Its Forms

Recapping the ABA Bank Marketing Conference 2016

3 Tips to Engage Branches in Local Bank Marketing

Distributed Marketing Lessons from #FCMC 2016

Ideas for Grand Opening Event Success in a Distributed Marketing Model

How to Scale Localized Marketing

Local Marketing Insights Could Be Hiding in Your MDF Funds

Reduce Marketing Trash with Marketing Resource Management

Localized Marketing for National Brands

Ensuring Brand Consistency in a Distributed Marketing Model

Interactive Displays: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

Distributed Marketing and Technology - Friend or Foe?

4 Steps for Localized Marketing

New Systems Can Streamline Your Marketing Management Process

Looking forward: 3 marketing innovations for 2016

Looking back: 4 marketing trends of 2015

‘Tis the season to….simplify.

Three reasons to get up close and personalize your marketing

3 ways to engage franchisees in local marketing efforts

Agility drives competitive advantage in crowded markets

5 tools to ensure brand consistency across local markets

Build a better brand experience from the bottom up

Is Your Team Mired in Marketing Minutia?

3 simple ways to better connect with consumers

Amplify your message with the right social media strategy

Generate demand, increase sales by bringing together marketing, sales and production

Four questions to consider when creating a multi-channel marketing campaign

Simplify your marketing process for more powerful, meaningful results

5 tips to inspire brand loyalty with strong customer onboarding campaigns

Stay ahead of the curve with streamlined marketing operations

Three lessons learned from insurance marketing

Calm, cool and collected: The importance of relaxing at work

3 tips to reach local consumers with compelling, compliant marketing materials

Curious about co-branded campaigns? Here are four factors for success.

Local marketing - it’s more than just search strategy

The “new” Vya, from the inside out

Introducing Vya

Can branded content really help generate leads?

Streamline key marketing processes, and help increase productivity.

Looking for a MRM partner? Ask these questions first.

5 tips to fine-tune your email marketing and reach local audiences

Leading change can be a smooth path with the right tools at your disposal

Ensure your direct mail campaigns stand out

Maximize your print budget with these top tips

Three tips for delivering relevant, compliant local marketing materials

Support local sales requests, efficiently

Empower local branches, staff with customizable local marketing campaigns

Where are you going? Get there with a marketing technology road map.

Local marketing budgets, made easy

Solving local marketing challenges may be easier than you think

MRM systems deliver clear ROI

What really drives customer loyalty?

Rebranding? Don’t forget these steps.

Empower Employees, Boost your Brand

When MDF, Co-Op Funds Get Left on the Table, Sales Get Left Out in the Cold

Boost Sales with Strong Relationships in Local Markets

Brand Marketers Need a Crash Course on the Evolution of MRM

Where to Save Time in Your Sales and Marketing Processes

Marketing Technology Deployment: Five Keys to Success

Usability: Ignore It at Your Own Risk

A New Model for Marketing Operations

Bottom-Up Communication Helps Corporate Learn from Distributed Local Sales Force

Listen! Your Favorite Music Contains a Lesson in Branding

“Moments Matter” in Delivering a Seamless Brand Experience

Five Ways to Improve Revenue through Smart Co-Op Funding

Decoding the Consumer Buying Process

Marketing Technology: What – or Who – Is Really Creating Value?

Getting the Most From Your Co-Op Funds Investment

Are You Using the Dreaded Cold Call or Creating a Conversation?

Leadership Insights for the Marketing Executive

How To Make A Difference When You’re Neither Feared Nor Loved

If the customer is not “engaged,” has marketing failed?

Why Companies Should Engage Employees in Social Media

Quality check: Is 99.9% good enough?

A Mindset for Keeping Your Social Media Journey on Track

How to Drive Revenue through Indirect Sales Channels

How to Keep a New Initiative Alive

May 2014 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

How to Create a Learning Environment for Your Marketing Team

Lake Wobegon Marketing Strategies

April 2014 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

The Disappearance of Work Ethic – And How to Get it Back

Why Your Company Needs a Blog

How to Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile – and Why it’s Important

Keep Your Marketing Organization Off the Road to Abilene!

Print Is Important Today – More Than Ever

How to Embrace and Understand Enterprise Performance Management

March 2014 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Five Ways to Adapt to Constant Change in the Workplace

It’s Time for Software and the Service

Create Your Own Formula for Success

February 2014 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Traditional Sales Techniques are Obsolete

Shift in the Marketplace - How to Engage Customers Today

December 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Four Keys to Building an Effective Content Strategy

Don't Be So Idealistic! Here's Content Strategy for the Real World

November 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

What Happens in Cincinnati: A (Marketing) Meeting of the Minds, Featuring Mike Dover

The Difference between Customer Experience and Customer Relationship (And Why One is Better)

Forget Branding! What’s Social Media’s Role in Direct Marketing and Sales?

October 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Why Social Media Skills Are Not Optional


Perspective, Empathy and the Art of Marketing

September 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot


“Thinking Big” as a Marketing Professional

3 Tips for Building a Social Media Lifelong Learning Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

About QR Codes

August 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Can Agencies and Technology Live Together?

4 Reasons to Know Who’s Looking at You

7 Reasons Direct Mail Still Matters

Integrating Big Data into Your Marketing Strategy

The Mobile Marketing Mandate

Here’s Why You Need Localized Marketing (And How to Do It)

Is it Time to Hire a Social Media Marketing Expert?

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for September

Marketing Automation: How Much is Enough?

How to Localize Social Media Marketing

In-House Vs. Outsourcing: A Process for Analysis

A Look into Seth Godin’s ‘Connection Economy’

July 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for August

June 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Desired Traits of Your Non-Human Employees

Making Sense of the ‘Data Cycle’

How to Get the Most Out of Distributed Sales

Four Keys to Great Client Service

Personal Clout vs. Company Clout: Our People Are Our Most Important Source of Influence

Three Ways Technology is Helping Marketers

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for July

May 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Three Ways Marketing Can Improve Cross-Functional Relationships

Digital Advertising Trends and the Role of Marketing Technology

Building Internal Brand Advocacy

How to Partner with Distributors on Up-sell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

From Net Finance 2013: The Mobile Challenge

From Net Finance 2013: Three Disruptors in Banking

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for June

April 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Four Keys to Organizational Creativity

Are You Building a Culture of Innovation?

Engaging Employees as Brand Ambassadors

How to Make the Transition to Digital Marketing

5 Things That Erode Brand Value (And How to Stop Them)

BrandHUB Seeks To Apply Branding Principles on a Whole New Level

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for May

How Much Do Consumers Really Trust You? (And What to Do About It)

Marketing Organizational Leadership – Alan See, Part One

Marketing Organizational Leadership – Alan See, Part Two

A Mobile Banking Marketing Update

Mobile E-mail Marketing: Why You’re Not Adapting Fast Enough

Three Ways to Bridge the Digital Talent Gap

Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for April

February 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Pick-pocketing the mobile wallet: Banks vs. Tech Giants

The Chief Digital Officer: Marketing Leadership for a New Age?

The Chief Digital Officer: Marketing Leadership for a New Age?

How to Personalize at Scale and Boost Engagement

Marketing Leadership Toolset #9: Building Core Brand Values – Jerry Kathman

Unleashing QR Codes for Travel and Tourism

Creative Production Management 101

Creative Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for March

Marketing Technology – When Should You Build or Buy?

The Use of QR Codes for Mobile Applications in the Financial Services Industry

How to Drive Digital Value through Data-Driven Marketing

Fresh Insights to Guide Your Digital Marketing Makeover

What ‘The Year of the Marketer’ Means to You

Marketing Organizational Leadership – Kendra Ramirez

Making the Case for Change – The Cost of Inaction

Creative Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for February

Four Steps to Marketing Productivity

Mobile Adoption in the Financial Services Industry

Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 4: Place

Building Brand Trust – Part 2, Restoring Broken Trust

Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 3: Product

Building Brand Trust – Part 1

Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 2: Price

Convert Customers with a Mobile-Optimized Website – In-Store and Online

New Year, New Series! Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for January

Making Big Data Connect via Personalization

How MRM Systems Enable Marketing ROI

Coaching Sales to Personalize Marketing Messaging

How to Host a Marketing Innovation Session

Marketing Organizational Leadership, Mike Vanderwoude – Toolset #7: Return on Marketing Investment

Marketing Needs to Build Relationships Both Inside and Out

How Marketing Resource Management Helps to Streamline Co-op Marketing

5 Thankful Themes for November QR Code Campaigns

Why Multichannel Marketing Matters

Marketing Organizational Leadership – Jeff Borcherding

How to Build Trust through Personalized Marketing Communications

How to Change Marketing Technology Vendors

Ensure Convenience & Efficiency in Your QR Codes – A QR Code Workshop

7 Signs It May Be Time Change Marketing Technology Vendors

The #1 Reason Marketing Technology Implementations Fail

QR Code Deployment and Apple’s Passbook: Game-Changing Innovation?

Get Smart! – 5 Information-Packed Themes for September QR Code Campaigns

How Technology Simplifies Insurance Marketing

Marketing’s New Role in Sales Enablement – Part 1

How to Ace Your Marketing Technology Implementation

QR Codes, Content, and Mobile Engagement after the Scan

Marketing’s New Role in Sales Enablement – Part 2, Engaging Sales in Marketing Technology

The Olympics as a Paradigm for Lead Nurturing

Hello, Great Outdoors! – 5 Creative Themes for August QR Code Campaigns

How to Turn Marketing Enemies into Allies

Effective Use of QR Codes in Advertising – A QR Code Workshop

QR Code Adoption & Use in the Financial Services Industry

How to Strategically Reduce Marketing Costs

Does Your Brand Show Respect for Your Targets?

QR Codes and the Customer Experience

Three Steps to Agile Marketing

Marketing Organizational Leadership – Chris Morrison Leadership toolset #5: Symbiotic Selling

Let the Games Begin! – 5 Creative Themes for July QR Code Campaigns

QR Codes and the Building Products Industry

Four Strategies for Elevating Confidence in the Marketing Department

QR Codes and Customer Acquisition

Why Localization Matters – Part 2

Why Localization Matters

QR Codes and Loyalty Programs – A Perfect Pair

The Mechanics of Rebranding – Executing a Seamless Brand Transition

Make a Splash with Our June QR Campaign Ideas

Six Innovative Uses of QR Codes in Insurance Marketing

Boost Distributed Sales Channel Success with Co-Sponsored Events

What the Technology Explosion Means for Marketing… and IT

Think Outside Your Silo for Marketing Innovation

Use QR Codes on Your Website! – And Other Strategies to Capture Customers During Pre-Purchase

Marketing Organizational Leadership, Dr. Todd Dewett - Leadership toolset #4: Conflict Management

7 Creative Themes for May QR Code Campaigns

Using Technology to Automate Distributor Lead Generation Campaigns

The Marketing Tightrope – Balancing Marketing’s Tactical and Strategic Roles

Marketing Organizational Leadership Series, Ed Burghard – Leadership toolset #3: Brand Advocacy

Marketing as the Internal Brand Advocate in the Digital Age

Beyond the Fish Bowl – How to Integrate QR Codes into Your Trade Show Promotions Strategy

How to Effectively Use a QR Code to Market Your Brand in a Catalogue: A Review

How to Build Your Prospect Email Marketing List

Your Playbook for Creative April QR Campaign Ideas

Marketing Organizational Leadership, Diane Menendez - Leadership toolset #2: Relationship building

Branding and Beyond - How to Engage Distribution Channels to Become the Brand of Choice

The State of QR Codes in 2011 – Part 2

3 Steps to Operationalizing Tactical Segmentation

7 Ways Marketers Can Improve Collaboration with Sales

Marketing Organizational Leadership, Kevin Wilzbach - Leadership Toolset #1: Internal Selling

Spring Cleaning & Greening: Creative March QR Campaign Ideas

How to Improve Campaign Effectiveness through Marketing Measurement

QR Codes Should Provide Value: Why Not Convenience?

5 Ways to Make Time for Marketing Innovation

Effective Customer Communication After the Sale

Overseeing Brand Compliance in a Distributed Sales Model

How to Enable Localized Marketing Even Before “Big Data”

How to Partner with Insurance Agents in a Cross-Sell / Up-Sell Campaign

February QR Campaign Ideas You’ll “Love”

Communication Challenges – Ask Your Printer Sooner!

Effectively Integrating QR codes into your Marketing Strategy – Part 1: Promotions

14 “Chiller” January Marketing Campaign Ideas Using QR Codes

Old QR Codes Never Die….. What Do They Do? How to Plan Your QR Code Lifecycle

Using QR Codes as an Alternative to Location-Based Mobile Coupons

Stop the Presses! 4 Critical QR Code Specifications to Address Before You Print

Is Anyone Out There? How to Build an Online Audience with Continuity Campaigns

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 10: It Is Not Too Late – Now is the Time for Your Holiday Campaign

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 9: How to Measure Your Holiday Card Campaign

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 8: How to Execute Your Holiday Campaign

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 7: Building your Holiday Campaign List

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 6: Include a Calendar with your Business Holiday Card

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 5: Coordinating A Holiday Campaign with Your Distributed Sales Force

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 4: Get Noticed with a Thanksgiving Campaign

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 3: Using QR Codes and PURLs in Your Business Holiday Card

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 2: Personalizing Your Business Holiday Card Campaign

Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 1: Your Business Holiday Card Campaign Checklist

Measurable Results With Direct Mailings

Fine Tuning Your Email Marketing Strategy

Using Digital Technology To Enhance Branding Efforts

More than Web-to-Print

QR Codes - A New, High-Tech Edge to Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing Strategy: Is it really about the next Big Idea?

Postcards Don’t Have to be A Time Consuming Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Marketers Require Self Service Brand Management

Solving Distributed Marketing Challenges: Centralize Control While Enabling Local Decisions

DocuStar Invests in Future with Launch of New Services, New Look

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