Marketing Organizational Leadership – Chris Morrison Leadership toolset #5: Symbiotic Selling

Jun 07, 2012

Our latest expert perspective for the DocuStar (now Vya) Marketing Organizational Leadership blog
series comes from Chris Morrison, President at The Geode Group, a Cincinnati-based management consulting and sales coaching firm. Prior to co-founding The Geode Group with his brother, Tim Morrison, Chris held past high-tech management roles at NCR, Ernst & Young, and ClearOne Communications, while Tim’s background in the steel industry includes general management roles at Bethlehem Steel Corp, Olympic Steel, and Baldwin Steel.

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Four Strategies for Elevating Confidence in the Marketing Department

May 24, 2012

Business is a team effort, and no department reaches its full potential without effective cross-functional collaboration. Marketing has a critical role in building and nurturing new relationships with customers and prospects, while also holding responsibility for activities some stakeholders may perceive as a cost center. In today’s economic environment, where doing more with less has never before been more urgent, it’s critical for marketing leaders to collaborate, share strategies, measure results and continually adapt their approach over time. Below are four strategies for elevating confidence in the marketing department.
1. Collaborate with other departments, especially Sales. Marketing should collaborate with Sales to understand how Marketing can support and complement the Sales process. Marketing should be as responsive to Sales support needs as possible, while balancing its tactical support and strategic planning roles. Although it may take some effort to find balance initially, the benefits of collaborating with and supporting Sales are significant. Sales can help Marketing to build a better awareness of competitive activity and customer needs in the field, while Marketing can share insights to help shorten the sales cycle. Finally, collaboration with Sales links Marketing’s contributions directly to Sales activity and revenue generation, which helps to quantify Marketing’s organizational impact and value.

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Boost Distributed Sales Channel Success with Co-Sponsored Events

Apr 24, 2012

Joint, co-branded events are an effective tool in your marketing promotions mix to help distributed sales channels reach new prospects and close the sale. Events and seminars are excellent opportunities for new prospects to learn more about your product or service, and in-person meetings with current customers can also generate new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Co-op marketing events and seminars also provide a means for insurance, financial services and manufacturers, such as building products companies, to get closer to their end-customers while overseeing delivery of the brand message. Here’s your checklist for executing a seamless co-op marketing event or seminar from start to finish.

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Branding and Beyond - How to Engage Distribution Channels to Become the Brand of Choice

Feb 23, 2012

Whether you’re an insurance company with independent agents or a manufacturer going to market through a distributor or dealer channel, selling via third party sales channels presents a unique set of challenges. Because distributors and dealers traditionally coordinate sales activities for multiple product lines, how do you rely on a third party channel to market your products effectively, and how can you help to ensure that you are the brand of choice? Here’s your go-to checklist for improving distribution channel engagement.

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3 Steps to Operationalizing Tactical Segmentation

Feb 14, 2012

Companies are often challenged with applying market insights gained from tactical segmentation. But once target segments have been identified, how do you maximize segmentation within your marketing promotions strategy?

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7 Ways Marketers Can Improve Collaboration with Sales

Feb 09, 2012

There is an ongoing debate between Sales and Marketing departments that parallels the question of the chicken versus the egg. Which department drives the activities of the other? Who wags the tail of the dog? The answer is neither. Because organizational success is contingent on the activities of both functions, it is extremely important for Marketing to build cross-functional relationships that improve collaboration with all of the internal customers Marketing supports – a subject addressed in more detail in the new DocuStar Marketing Organizational Leadership Blog Series.

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Overseeing Brand Compliance in a Distributed Sales Model

Jan 17, 2012

Overseeing brand compliance in communications with customers and prospects can be challenging for any organization, and especially challenging when going to market with a distributed sales force or through third party dealers and distributors, but brand consistency across these channels is critical. Even details that may seem subtle, such as logo size, brand colors and the tone of any messaging communicated with your branding can dramatically impact how your organization is represented by your company’s remote brand ambassadors. With a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system, you can streamline and automate the process of creating polished, customized brand impressions. Here’s how.

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Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 5: Coordinating A Holiday Campaign with Your Distributed Sales Force

Oct 25, 2011

A personalized greeting on a corporate holiday card can set your business apart. That personalization can sometimes be a little tricky if you want to include messages and signatures from your remote sales staff. Many companies have a sales force in the field. It is perfect for building close relationships with your prospects and customers, but adds obstacles to a broad campaign like the corporate holiday card. This is the fifth blog in our series to help you carry out a successful corporate holiday card campaign. Whether you have individual sales representatives spread across your region or sales teams located in remote field offices, here are some ideas to help you send an effective, yet personal, holiday card.

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