How to Manage Color Consistency Across Printed Marketing Materials

Apr 30, 2019

Most marketers would agree, color is a vital component of everything they do. Color can be used to represent essential attributes of your brand, express key messages or tap into emotional and psychological impulses, as this infographic by The Logo Company colorfully illustrates.

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How to Personalize at Scale and Boost Engagement

Feb 19, 2013

In today’s era of digital marketing, content is king. But context is key to successfully personalizing messages for your diverse target segments. Communicating effectively in today’s marketing environment demands segment level personalization – but all too often, personalization and scale are seen as competing ends. If personalization seems complex, do not dismay. You can personalize your message at scale, reduce cost inefficiencies and improve conversions in the process. Here are three guidelines:

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Making Big Data Connect via Personalization

Nov 15, 2012

As marketers embrace growing volumes of customer data, variable data printing (VDP) is a way to make that data come to life and to help prospects and customers make an emotional connection with your brand. While it may sound complex, campaign personalization via VDP is within reach and can be executed at varying levels of sophistication with your Big Data efforts. Whether you are just beginning to put structure around your customer data for the first time or are further down the path, variable data printing can be an effective approach to personalizing marketing campaigns. Here’s your quick guide to making big data connect – no matter the sophistication of your customer data.

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