New Year, New Series! Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for January

Dec 04, 2012

Vya Staff

12-4-12_thumbHere at DocuStar, we have extensive experience helping client marketing teams execute highly targeted marketing campaigns through the integration of digital marketing technology and variable data printing. To help share best practices in multichannel campaign management, we are pleased to announce a new monthly blog series providing multichannel campaign ideas. As the New Year approaches, here are some creative ideas for crafting your own multichannel campaigns this January.

Theme: Getting Finances Organized in the New Year
Sample industry: Financial services

• Segment financial services accounts by last interaction date (last direct mail or email piece sent) and develop personalized content for each customer group. For example, three different messaging versions could be created for accounts last contacted in a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month period.
• Issue a direct mail piece with a QR code or PURL component to deliver online content such as a checklist for organizing finances, investment account review or an online calendar to schedule an in-person financial planning session, contingent on which content is most relevant to the customer group.
• Using the data from QR code scans or PURL open rate, track which customers respond to the campaign, and issue a follow up campaign one month later to further customer engagement.

Theme: New Year’s Wellness
Sample Industries: Fitness Centers, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Hospitals and Clinics, Weight Management

• Define multichannel campaign goals up front. For example, Health Insurers could aim to increase monthly automatic payments by a goal percentage through a multichannel campaign, while Hospitals and Clinics could encourage customers who haven’t been in for a check-up in over a year to schedule an annual physical for age- and gender-recommended screenings.
• Issue a direct mail piece with a technology component aligned with the campaign objectives. Health Insurers seeking to increase enrollment in automatic monthly payments could include a QR code linking to a web form where customers can quickly enter their payment account information for automatic payments, while QR codes on a direct mail reminder to schedule a physical could dynamically link to a calendar to schedule an appointment.

Theme: Winter Auto Safety
Sample Industries: Auto Dealers, Auto Insurance, Auto Manufacturers, Auto Repair

• Businesses in or serving the Auto Industry could plan an integrated multichannel campaign around winter auto safety. Printed pieces such as newsletters or direct mailers could be used to share tips and checklists for winter auto safety with QR codes and/or PURLs linking to coupons and incentives for winter safety services and products, such a comprehensive vehicle checkup or new tires.
• Auto Insurers could offer a discount on the 6-month insurance premium for customers providing a receipt for recommended preventative maintenance services or products purchased.
• Announce the campaign and deals via multiple channels, including social media, email, direct mail, newsletters, online videos and in-store flyers and vending posters to improve chances of redemption and safety participation.

Theme: Fireplace and Home Fire Safety Boot Camp
Sample Industries: Building Products, Property & Casualty Insurance

• Keep your name in front of customers this January with Fireplace and Home Fire Safety tips from FEMA. Leverage QR codes or PURLs on printed direct mail pieces to link to videos with fire safety tips and ideas.
• PURLs and QR codes can be used to track response rates, enabling insurers to offer a premium discount to any customers who review home fire safety and prevention videos.

The winter weather and New Year ahead present many opportunities to connect with customers through creative multichannel campaign ideas this January. From awareness campaigns to multichannel campaigns with a measurable component or goal, the more you think multichannel, the more focused and effective your marketing approach will become.

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