5 Ways to Structure Campaign Execution for Distributed Marketing

May 26, 2021

Technology has made it easier than ever for distributed organizations to execute marketing campaigns at the local level. With marketing resource management (MRM) systems, programs can be centrally managed by corporate marketing to maintain control over things like brand standards, custom requests, messaging, regulatory compliance, and approvals, while also empowering local teams to customize campaigns to provide greater relevance to their local customers.

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Fostering a Corps of Active Brand Promoters

Sep 10, 2019

Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations are the currency of business success today. More than ever, they are key to establishing trust and building awareness. According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services, making them a powerful resource to amplify your message.  

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Tags: marketing process optimization, bank marketing, brand advocacy, MRM, marketing technology, Insurance Marketing, marketing resource management, local marketing, local marketing automation, franchise, franchise local marketing

Amplify your message with the right social media strategy

Oct 14, 2015

Insurance agents in local markets represent your brand and services to customers every day. They share emails, brochures, sales messages, mailings and other corporate-approved marketing materials on your behalf. Setting a strategy to share the same messages and promote your brand on their social media networks is a natural extension.

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5 tips to inspire brand loyalty with strong customer onboarding campaigns

Sep 16, 2015

Inspiring brand loyalty these days can be challenging. Many experts argue that building loyalty is no longer just about offering the best prices or strong customer service, but rather the entire experience a consumer has with your brand, its products, services and your employees.

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Tags: insurance, Insurance Marketing, Vya, customer onboarding, brand loyalty, insurance industry

Three lessons learned from insurance marketing

Sep 03, 2015

There’s no industry more dynamic than the insurance industry. Facing strong competition, evolving customer needs and strict regulation, insurance companies need to be able to operate consistently—while also staying flexible to quickly adapt to change.

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Six Innovative Uses of QR Codes in Insurance Marketing

Apr 26, 2012

We’ve talked frequently in the DocuStar (now Vya) blog about the importance of providing convenience with the QR scan. Here we share some innovative ways insurance companies are using QR codes to add value and provide convenience with the scan.

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Tags: QR Codes, insurance, QR Code Strategy, Insurance Marketing

Your Playbook for Creative April QR Campaign Ideas

Mar 01, 2012

April marks the celebration of Easter, the opening day of Major League Baseball, Tax Day and hopefully the last frost heralding the beginning of garden season for the Northern and Central Midwest regions.

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Tags: marketing ideas, financial services, QR Codes, marketing campaign, Insurance Marketing

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