Boost Distributed Sales Channel Success with Co-Sponsored Events

Apr 24, 2012

Joint, co-branded events are an effective tool in your marketing promotions mix to help distributed sales channels reach new prospects and close the sale. Events and seminars are excellent opportunities for new prospects to learn more about your product or service, and in-person meetings with current customers can also generate new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Co-op marketing events and seminars also provide a means for insurance, financial services and manufacturers, such as building products companies, to get closer to their end-customers while overseeing delivery of the brand message. Here’s your checklist for executing a seamless co-op marketing event or seminar from start to finish.

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Use QR Codes on Your Website! – And Other Strategies to Capture Customers During Pre-Purchase

Apr 12, 2012

Consumers are increasingly reviewing product information online before the sale to help guide their buying decisions. QR codes are a great vehicle to provide product information to buyers throughout the pre-purchase research process. If you use them effectively, QR codes can also help your brand stay on the short list throughout the customer’s buying decision and help promote the sale. 18% of customers have scanned QR codes to make a purchase according to Chadwick Martin Bailey, so it’s important to use QR codes to help guide the customer’s buying decision. Below we share examples to help maximize your use of QR codes in pre-purchase research.

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7 Creative Themes for May QR Code Campaigns

Apr 03, 2012

May is host to a number of events that customers look forward to, including Mother’s Day, the Indy 500 and Memorial Day, marking the unofficial beginning of summer and the outdoor season. May is also host to graduations and National Teacher Day.

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Using Technology to Automate Distributor Lead Generation Campaigns

Mar 29, 2012

Beyond creating brand awareness, manufacturers such as building products companies often want to help and guide distributors in generating new leads. It can be challenging to develop target lists and execute marketing campaigns in coordination with distributors because they often have multiple manufacturer relationships. But the easier you are to work with as a manufacturer – including your internal processes, systems, and technology – the better your distributor collaboration will be. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems can help you automate turnkey lead generation campaigns for your distributors. Below, we take you step-by-step through the campaign process.

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How to Effectively Use a QR Code to Market Your Brand in a Catalogue: A Review

Mar 09, 2012

Although QR Codes are being used across varieties of industries, it is still critical to stress the importance of creating mobile friendly landing pages and to continue to expand on the innovation of QR Code applications. In that respect, we are excited to announce a new blog series on the reviews of current QR Codes that organizations are using in their marketing. For each blog, we will choose a QR Code to review and then offer tips and tricks on how to improve on them.

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Spring Cleaning & Greening: Creative March QR Campaign Ideas

Feb 02, 2012

If March has a color, it would be green. In its (hopefully) verdant splendor, March ushers in the beginning of spring and is also host to St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, providing several seasonal themes you can incorporate into creative QR campaigns. Continuing our monthly blog series providing QR campaign ideas, here’s the March line-up.

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14 “Chiller” January Marketing Campaign Ideas Using QR Codes

Dec 01, 2011

It’s hard to believe it is already December, which means many marketing professionals are busy planning January marketing campaigns. Beginning this month, we are going to post a monthly blog providing ideas for incorporating QR codes into your marketing campaigns. Ideas are categorized by themes appropriate for the month. You may see an idea that you can apply directly to your business. Or perhaps reading the blog will inspire you to think of a related idea applicable to your industry. Whichever the case, we hope our January QR code campaign ideas help to make your month a success.

Theme: New Year’s Resolutions - Health

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