7 Creative Themes for May QR Code Campaigns

Apr 03, 2012

Vya Staff

May is host to a number of events that customers look forward to, including Mother’s Day, the Indy 500 and Memorial Day, marking the unofficial beginning of summer and the outdoor season. May is also host to graduations and National Teacher Day.colorful-lily-flowering-Tulips-iStock-000016366381XSmall_thumb

Continuing our monthly blog series of creative QR code campaign ideas, below are our ideas for campaigns providing relevant reasons to connect with your customers this May.


Theme: Graduations

Sample Industries: Auto Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Life Insurance

- Use direct mailers with a QR component to prompt a policy review and to enable policy updates on a mobile-optimized website (graduate information updates, such as address changes, removing college grads from policies, etc.)

- Use direct mailers with QR codes to offer discounted interest rates and financing options for college loans

Theme: Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Sample Industries: Fitness, Health Insurance, Hospitals and Clinics, Weight Management

- Use QR codes to link to a website with ideas for getting outside and active this summer, including links to area adult sports leagues and outdoor parks & recreation resources

- Use direct mailers with QR codes linked to an incentive for 1 free month of gym membership to get new members in the door and active

- Use QR codes tied to a mobile-optimized web form to enroll in a fitness program offering a discounted monthly premium for participation and for working towards annual fitness goals


Theme: National Flower Month/May Day (May 1)

Sample Industries: Building Products, Florists, Financial Services, Retail, Retail Gifts

- Use QR codes on vending posters linked to a mobile website to order a small bouquet, lily of the valley (traditionally given on May Day in France), or candy for surprise delivery to a friend or family member

- Use QR codes in mailed catalogs or emails to offer customers promotional incentive on landscaping, decking and flowering plants and bushes


Theme: National Teacher Day (May 8)

Sample Industries: Banking, Entertainment, Financial Services, Restaurants, Retail

- Use QR codes on storefronts and in direct mailers to provide special discounts and incentives to teachers for their commitment to our kids


Theme: Mother’s Day (May 13)

Sample Industries: Candy, Entertainment, Florists, Restaurants, Retail Gifts

- Use QR codes on vending posters in public places linking to a website where customers can easily order a floral arrangement or candy for Mother’s Day delivery

- Use QR codes in newspaper ads or on websites to offer discounts on Mother’s Day entertainment, dining, or spa services


Theme: Indy 500 (May 27)

Sample Industries: Bars, Restaurants

- Use a continuity campaign with an integrated QR component to offer discounted drinks, appetizers and entrees during the time trials and promo an Indy 500 event

- Use QR codes in direct mailers, table tops or on signage to allow customers to make reservations for your restaurant’s Indy 500 party


Sample Industries: Auto Insurance, Auto Industry, Auto Repair

- While speed is top of mind, auto services companies can use emailed or printed newsletters to remind customers about recommended services corresponding to their mileage and include QR codes linking to service discounts

- Auto insurance companies can use direct mailers to remind policyholders about auto safety and partner with a tire company to offer discounted new tires redeemable with a QR code scan


Theme: Memorial Day (May 28)

Sample Industries: Banking, Financial Services

- Use QR codes incorporated into direct mailers and newsletters to offer veterans special financing offers on home, auto or personal loans


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Pre-launch Checklist:

1. Include a call to action to improve chances of QR redemption.

2. Test QR codes and review our recommended QR code specifications before launching any campaign.

3. Have a plan in place for how you’re going to retire and redirect content after the life of your QR code promotion.

With summer just around the corner, May is a perfect month to prompt customers to get outdoors, get in physical shape and review their insurance policies during graduation season. Above, we hope you’ve found some helpful ideas to connect with your customers this month.

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As you are using QR codes in your campaigns, keep in mind that convenience is key, and the more you can do to optimize your website for mobile viewing, the more convenience you’ll be providing with the scan. How have you optimized your website for mobile viewing?

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