Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 4: Place

Dec 15, 2012

Just because QR codes are more prevalent does not necessarily mean they are being used in the most effective manner. It is easy to get caught up in the newness of this marketing tool and use QR codes haphazardly instead of incorporating them into a well planned marketing strategy. In recent blog posts we addressed the promotions, price and product aspects of your marketing strategy and how the use of QR codes can fit into each of these plans. Today we will discuss “place” or your product distribution strategy.

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Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 3: Product

Dec 13, 2012

As more consumers embrace the use of smart phones, QR codes are being increasingly utilized as a marketing tool. QR codes present an opportunity to easily connect with your clients and potential clients by having your product information easily accessible to scan.

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Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 2: Price

Dec 07, 2012

QR codes are showing up more and more these days as marketers continue to develop innovative ways to use them. Since QR codes provide a targeted way to deliver a message, it is important to approach them with a specific strategy in mind, so the information is always timely and relevant. Part 1 of our discussion on Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy addressed the promotions aspect of your marketing strategy. Part 2 focuses on a potentially very fluid aspect of the marketing plan – price.

Review you pricing plans.

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Six Innovative Uses of QR Codes in Insurance Marketing

Apr 26, 2012

We’ve talked frequently in the DocuStar (now Vya) blog about the importance of providing convenience with the QR scan. Here we share some innovative ways insurance companies are using QR codes to add value and provide convenience with the scan.

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Use QR Codes on Your Website! – And Other Strategies to Capture Customers During Pre-Purchase

Apr 12, 2012

Consumers are increasingly reviewing product information online before the sale to help guide their buying decisions. QR codes are a great vehicle to provide product information to buyers throughout the pre-purchase research process. If you use them effectively, QR codes can also help your brand stay on the short list throughout the customer’s buying decision and help promote the sale. 18% of customers have scanned QR codes to make a purchase according to Chadwick Martin Bailey, so it’s important to use QR codes to help guide the customer’s buying decision. Below we share examples to help maximize your use of QR codes in pre-purchase research.

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Beyond the Fish Bowl – How to Integrate QR Codes into Your Trade Show Promotions Strategy

Mar 13, 2012

QR codes are an ideal marketing technology for trade shows and an easy way for attendees to access online resources while they are away from their computers. Even though you’re working with a relatively targeted and focused audience on the tradeshow floor, it’s still important to provide a compelling reason for prospects to scan QR codes, for example, by providing information or offering an incentive for discounted products or services. Below are some of our ideas for creative uses of QR codes at trade shows.

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QR Codes Should Provide Value: Why Not Convenience?

Jan 26, 2012

Recent research from Chadwick Martin Bailey shows that the top reason consumers scanned QR codes is curiosity (46 percent), and this should give marketers pause. As the novelty of QR codes wears off, marketers will need to find innovative ways to deliver value after the scan.

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Effectively Integrating QR codes into your Marketing Strategy – Part 1: Promotions

Dec 06, 2011

Effective marketing promotions don’t just generate awareness: They also move customers to action, and the QR code is a perfect vehicle to facilitate interaction and engagement with your brand. Unfortunately, it seems that QR codes are often being used haphazardly rather than as part of an overall marketing strategy. To address this situation, we are launching a four part blog series discussing QR codes as they relate to the 4 P’s of marketing. In this blog, we provide important insights to help you integrate QR codes seamlessly into your promotions strategy. Future blog posts will address QR codes in the context of product, price, and place.

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