Using Technology to Automate Distributor Lead Generation Campaigns

Mar 29, 2012

Vya Staff

Beyond creating brand awareness, manufacturers such as building products companies often want to help and guide distributors in generating new leads. It can be challenging to develop target lists and execute marketing campaigns in coordination with distributors because they often have multiple manufacturer relationships. But the easier you are to work with as a manufacturer – including your internal processes, systems, and technology – the better your distributor collaboration will be. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) systems can help you automate turnkey lead generation campaigns for your distributors. Below, we take you step-by-step through the campaign process. Flow-chart-iStock-000017702529Medium_thumb


Using a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system: How it works

1. Design. Manufacturers can load new marketing campaign materials into the MRM system for distributor use.
2. Enroll. Once new campaigns are available, manufacturers can automatically email distributors an invitation to enroll in the campaign.
3. Refine Messaging. Campaign materials can be used as-is or customized and localized by distributors through the MRM system. Manufacturers can choose to be automatically notified to review revised messaging.
4. Select Participants. Distributors can upload their own list for use in the campaign or select a manufacturer list. Full-service MRM providers can also provide leads lists based on target zip codes selected by the distributor.
5. Distribute. A full-service MRM partner can manage and execute printing and fulfillment of direct mail campaigns on behalf of distributors and the manufacturer.


Automated, end-to-end solution

MRM systems can significantly reduce the time and effort required to coordinate distributor lead generation campaigns and automate collaboration between manufacturers and distributors. In just a few clicks from within the MRM system, authorized distributors can Design, Enroll, Refine Messaging, Select Participants, & Distribute lead generation campaigns.


Maximizing your MRM deployment: Four steps

1. Make it easy for distributors to participate by providing logins/licenses and both initial and on-going training.
2. Ensure distributors have the means to easily access your system. Web-based MRM systems enable distributors to utilize the application without needing to have software installed on their computers.
3. Select a full-service MRM partner (not just a technology vendor) who can help you to design, execute and manage campaigns.
4. Select an MRM partner who owns the code and has dedicated staff developers who can modify the system to help manage the unique relationship and processes you have with your distributors.



MRM systems empower your distributors to enroll in and customize and localize campaigns, upload or select target leads lists, and coordinate campaign distribution (both email and direct mail) all from a centralized technology platform. Full-service MRM partners help manufacturers to significantly supplement lead generation for their distributors by providing a turnkey, end-to-end solution for lead generation campaigns. Although we focused on manufacturers in this blog, MRM systems are also highly effective for any business with a distributed sales model such as insurance and financial services.


How could a Marketing Resource Management system help you to automate distributor lead generation campaigns?

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