QR Codes and Customer Acquisition

May 22, 2012

Vya Staff

QR codes are the perfect marketing medium to drive new customer acquisition.Quick-response-code-on-smartphone-iStock-000016428181Large_thumb

In previous blogs, we’ve presented ideas for integrating QR codes seamlessly into your marketing strategy. In this blog, we provide ideas for using QR codes to connect with customers during all stages of the customer buying decision. From information gathering to pre-purchase to enabling the sale, QR codes are being used in innovative ways to communicate with customers and drive new customer acquisition.

Use QR codes to provide information, discounts and incentives with the scan

According to research from Chadwick Martin Bailey, consumers are scanning QR codes to retrieve information or redeem discounts, incentives or free gifts with the scan. QR codes are an effective medium to transfer product information to smartphones to assist with the buying decision. Particularly effective are QR codes that link to information on a mobile website that customers can reference later during their buying decisions. Additionally, discounts and incentives offered for the scan pique interest in scanning, even among those who have never scanned QR codes before, with nearly 1 in 5 users making a purchase after scanning a QR code.

Use QR codes to build your prospect database

QR codes can be incorporated into signage and flyers at events to build your opt-in prospect list. This is accomplished by linking QR codes to a mobile-optimized web form where customers can quickly provide their contact information and give permission for your company to contact them in the future. A best practice when using QR codes and web forms to build your prospect database is to subscribe customers through a double opt-in process whereby the customer confirms his email address with an affirmative click. Consider offering an incentive, coupon of free gift in exchange for the double opt-in.

Use QR codes in a multi-channel marketing promotions strategy

QR codes can be integrated into a multi-channel marketing promotions strategy to bolster customer interaction and engagement with your campaign. Dow Chemical saw 20,000 QR codes scans between September, 2011 and December, 2011 from a multi-channel campaign using QR codes in print magazines linking to a mobile-optimized website where customers can watch videos about Dow’s energy solutions such as making lighter, stronger wind turbine blades and more efficient batteries.

Use QR codes to enable immediate purchase

QR codes can also be used to enable immediate purchase. Online grocer Peapod recently introduced a virtual billboard in a Chicago public transportation station that uses QR codes to enable consumers to shop for staple home items such as paper towels, detergent and pasta. The QR code scan tells the Peapod app which items to place in a virtual shopping cart where orders can be placed instantly for delivery to the customer’s home the next day. Virtual billboards provide convenience with the QR scan, integrating seamlessly into customers’ busy lifestyles.


QR codes are being used in innovative ways to connect with customers and prospects, provide information and incentives, and enable the sale, providing convenience and value with the QR scan. When incorporated into a multi-channel marketing promotions strategy, QR codes can also improve customer engagement with your brand, but be sure to link QR codes to a mobile-optimized website to ensure ease-of-use and to enable information can be saved for later reference during pre-purchase.

How are you using QR codes in your marketing promotions strategy?

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