Marketing Organizational Leadership – Alan See, Part Two

Mar 18, 2013

Leadership Toolset #10: Social Media & Content Marketing

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Why Marketers Require Self Service Brand Management

Oct 08, 2010

Today’s marketing professionals are faced with an ever expanding marketing mix (where to spend their marketing dollars). Not only are they expected to be experts in the traditional forms of marketing, but also continue to master the new marketing options invented nearly every day. There is so much opportunity, yet still the same amount of time in the day and in today’s economic climate, fewer resources to execute on the overall marketing strategy. All these conditions warrant a very serious look at marketing program efficiencies.

One of the key aspects of marketing is to create, mold, and protect the brand. Luckily the marketing professional now has tools to accomplish this key initiative in a self service manner. What do I mean by self-service? I mean that a marketing program can now be launched across a large community and the brand control is built into the program. Local resources are able to access marketing programs, execute on initiates, in a self service manner, under centralized brand control. The focus of the marketing professional is then on strategy, innovation, and creativity – not on day to day monitoring and troubleshooting.

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