Solving Distributed Marketing Challenges: Centralize Control While Enabling Local Decisions

Sep 22, 2010

Vya Staff

A good marketing program is the right mix between ideas and execution. As resources are constrained throughoutBalance organizations, marketing departments, like everyone else, are expected to do more with less.

The Director of Marketing Technology from Protective Life Insurance Company lives this reality. Her charter includes supporting two different brands across 1,000’s of independent agents as well as 100’s of brokerages. Execution has to be part of the program development, otherwise great marketing ideas will quickly turn into failed marketing programs.

The specific challenge faced by Protective Life Insurance is a common challenge for marketers today. How do you build in central control of the brand and overall budget, without usurping local control of incremental spending and localized messaging? The answer used to be to hire a team of people to manage marketing programs, fielding questions about exceptions, special requests, and manually monitoring the use of the brand when there was time. This approach made most marketing initiatives prohibitively expensive.

Today she and other marketers can leverage technology to execute and manage their marketing strategies, thus leaving more time for strategic thinking and less time on marketing program care and feeding. DocuStar, a Cincinnati based Digital Printing and Marketing Solutions provider enables Protective Life Insurance to manage their marketing programs through their MarketHUB+ platform. MarketHUB+ is the platform for launching, managing, and monitoring virtually any marketing initiative. Marketing leaders apply brand control in a centralized fashion. All aspects of managing and distributing marketing budget, promotional dollars, co-op dollars, are configured in a centralized manner while leaving local decisions to the local experts.

As the world moves from a broadcast approach to marketing – interrupt all to attract the few, to a narrow cast approach to marketing (specifically target users with relevant and timely messages), local control of marketing decisions is key. For example, a promotional piece is designed utilizing centralized resources and complying with brand standards. The piece is then published to the MarketHUB+ platform. Local resources can then decide on the timing, potential local messaging, and the distribution. Central to local and then the final step – personal, the solution allows marketing at a 1:1 level, with each promotional piece specifically targeted to an individual. A key balancing act, minimizes overhead and administration, but maximizes choice, localization, and finally personalization.

MarketHUB+ allows you to scale your marketing efforts without scaling your marketing staff. Full service used to be a differentiator and it still is in businesses like upscale lodging and luxury items. Self service is the new empowering option – allowing customers to take advantage of your products, services, and programs wherever they are, whenever they need it, removing the restrictions of business hours or geography. Making it easy on your customers is the new differentiator.
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