QR Codes and Loyalty Programs – A Perfect Pair

May 07, 2012

Vya Staff

New players in loyalty such as Perx and Punchd have evolved loyalty programs through their innovative uses of QR codes. Quick response codes are an ideal pairing with loyalty programs because they make it easy for customers to enroll in your program and register for discounts and incentives at the point of purchase while your company is still top of mind. Here is our guide to integrating QR codes into your loyalty program, including caveats for getting started and examples of successful applications to help inspire your own successful QR-loyalty pairing. qrcodewithsmileyinside-iStock-000018149596XSmall1v2_thumb


1. State the benefits of enrollment in terms of discounts or incentives. Bob Evans delivers purchase receipts to the table in a BEmail-branded flyer (smaller than a 3x5 in. notecard) printed with a QR code where customers can enroll in the program with the scan. The BEmail enrollment form clearly states the benefits of enrolling above the QR code (subscribers save an average of $65 each year!) to help prompt enrollment.

2. Link to a mobile-optimized web form or website with the scan. The QR application in the BEmail loyalty program is especially successful because it directs customers to a mobile-optimized web form that facilitates quick and convenient enrollment in the program. The bonus: With this approach, your customers may even provide you with their contact information before they leave your storefront or location, making them less likely to forget about or defer enrollment.

3. Use QR codes to offer an immediate incentive. Point-of-sale software partner Gimme! prints QR codes on customer receipts that can be scanned to redeem an immediate discount on the net transaction. Similarly, Google’s Punchd provided immediate loyalty benefits through the QR scan. The Punchd application made it easy for customers to track loyalty punches on their smartphones, while businesses can monitor market share increases over time. For example, FroYo in St. Louis, Missouri used Punchd to enroll 2,000 people in their loyalty database in just 4 months, garnering 14,000 punches in that period.

4. Leverage customer data to provide relevant offers and capture interest. Consider the example of a UK retailer promoting towels and cookware to parents at the start of the school year through its rewards program. A relevant offer, expertly timed, is an effective path to increasing loyalty engagement and redemption.

Integrating QR Codes into Your Customer Loyalty Program: A Recap

1. Partner with a full-service marketing resource management company to help you integrate QR codes into your loyalty materials
2. Use QR codes to simplify enrollment in your loyalty program and always make sure QR codes link to a mobile-optimized website
3. Increase scans and redemptions with a compelling incentive or immediate discount offered for the scan
4. Leverage customer data to deliver highly-targeted and relevant offers to increase redemptions


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