Brandemonium Breaks Out in Cincinnati

Oct 25, 2017

Cincinnati, the “brand capital of the world,” recently served as the backdrop for Brandemonium, a week-long, experiential, brand-focused conference and festival. Vya was fortunate to have a front row seat to this first-ever international brand event, which took place right here in our own back yard.

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How to Foster a Marketing Culture at the Local Franchisee Level

Jan 26, 2017

Running a local franchise business requires a broad skillset. From day-to-day operations management, customer service, accounting and business planning, to HR, inventory control and facilities management—franchise business owners wear many different hats. For many franchisees, one hat that never seems to fit quite right is that of marketer.

That’s not to say that franchisees lack an understanding of the importance of marketing and promotion to the success of their business. In fact, in a recent survey of franchise SMBs by local media researcher BIA/Kelsey, franchise owners reported more than half of their business is derived from promotions.

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How to Scale Localized Marketing

May 12, 2016

Often we are approached by companies that are experiencing tremendous growth. Sometimes it’s a bank that has made an acquisition and is in the process of integrating many new bank branches into their corporation. Other times it’s a franchisor who has many new locations under construction or has several new franchisees under contract. It’s exciting to be part of a growing business; but it can also be stressful, especially for the corporate marketing department.

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Is Your Team Mired in Marketing Minutia?

Oct 28, 2015

Every day, marketers are tasked with more and more responsibilities. We need to think big picture, but at the same time support sales staff spread across the country. Our productivity can take a hit when we stop focusing on innovative projects in order to cross items off our to-do list.

When we get mired in this marketing minutia – the every day tasks that keep us from planning, innovative and creating powerful new campaigns – it’s time to look for ways to streamline activities and improve productivity.

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Streamline key marketing processes, and help increase productivity.

Jul 01, 2015

When you manage marketing campaigns and processes across a widespread region, there are often opportunities to increase your marketing productivity and create scale to connect efficiently with more consumers. But, sometimes identifying those opportunities can be difficult because marketers are so busy, and focused, on creating and implementing campaigns.

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Three Ways Technology is Helping Marketers

Jun 11, 2013

From Deadlines to bottom-lines, I put my marketing department under constant pressure to show ROI. This means every project and every process must be evaluated and prioritized based on the resources available and the return it will generate. In short, you need to get the most out of your team at all times. Basically, success comes down to productivity.

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Four Steps to Marketing Productivity

Dec 20, 2012

Today’s marketing environment can be frenetic to say the least, and effective marketing management is all about strategy. Your budget and resource constraints limit the number of activities your team can reasonably support in any given week or month, and making time to accomplish the most important activities demands expert prioritization. Here are four steps for boosting marketing productivity.

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The Marketing Tightrope – Balancing Marketing’s Tactical and Strategic Roles

Mar 22, 2012

Marketing professionals are called to deliver tactical marketing support while maintaining a big-picture, strategic view, and it can be hard to find balance between the two competing priorities. Tactical and strategic marketing functions can be especially hard to balance because they divide our focus between important, urgent and important, not urgent activities (think Stephen Covey’s Quadrant I & II activities). Tactical execution against strategic goals is critical for driving marketing results, but it’s important not to skew so far towards the tactical that focus on strategic activities wanes: Strategic marketing activities help to bolster marketing innovation. Here are some of our suggestions for helping to find and maintain balance.

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5 Ways to Make Time for Marketing Innovation

Jan 24, 2012

It is important for marketing to be both tactical and strategic. As a deadline-driven and fast-paced function, however, marketers tend to juggle multiple high priority projects at various stages in the campaign management lifecycle, and it can be challenging to make time for strategic marketing planning and innovation – especially given today’s environment of staffing and budget constraints. Tactical execution without the strategy component will render marketing initiatives less effective, but strategy cannot exist in a vacuum either. Here are five simple approaches for making time to be innovative while gaining better command over tactical functions.

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