Podcast Transcript: Innovative Approaches for Post-Merger Rebranding

Feb 06, 2023


Our Guest: Jackie Hooper, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Company: Cadence Bank

Website: cadencebank.com

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Why Multi-brand Franchise Organizations Can’t Move Forward Until They Step Back

Jun 17, 2022

Most every industry goes through a renaissance at some point. A moment when markets align, lucrative business models come to life, investors flood in and sustained growth becomes possible.

The franchise industry is seeing this renaissance right now, as many emerging companies are creating new opportunities for franchisees in new consumer and B2B categories. These companies are making franchise ownership more accessible with less investment and providing more opportunities for people to turn interests and skills into successful businesses.

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5 tools to ensure brand consistency across local markets

Nov 11, 2015

Brand consistency is more than just typeface, logos and colors. It’s about delivering a brand experience with your products, services and people that customers begin to expect and anticipate. That consistent experience ultimately helps your brand stand out from competition and drive sales.

Make the path to purchase easier with a consistent, compelling brand experience across local markets.

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