Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for April

Mar 05, 2013

A new month means new opportunities to connect with clients in meaningful ways through creative multichannel campaigns. Here are a few ideas to help you capitalize on all of the positive energy April and the turn of the season from winter to spring have to offer.

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How to Improve Campaign Effectiveness through Marketing Measurement

Jan 31, 2012

While social media continues to gain headway, continuity, or drip campaigns (email, direct mail or a combination) still remain a highly effective approach for nurturing prospects towards increased engagement and interaction with your brand. When coupled with an online element, such as URLs, PURLs or QR codes, measurement tools offered through marketing resource management (MRM) systems can deliver powerful analytics to optimize the sales cycle – providing a wealth of data to improve customer segmentation and content personalization.

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Effective Customer Communication After the Sale

Jan 19, 2012

Many marketing departments focus on messaging to prospects to generate sales and then halt communications once the prospect becomes a customer. However, communicating with new customers once the sale has closed is critical. This is when continued relationship-building is more important than ever in order to build loyalty and increase the potential for future sales.

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Is Anyone Out There? How to Build an Online Audience with Continuity Campaigns

Nov 16, 2011

You’ve hired the best web designer you could find, a team of writers is blogging relevant, and informative content, you’ve built customer portals, but what do you have if no one sees it? Although all of these elements will make your online resources shine, there is no point in shining the spotlight when the theater is empty.

Once you have a dazzling site with amazing content, how can you lead your clients and prospects to it? There are several strategies that you can apply to build your audience. One that you may not have considered is a continuity campaign.

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Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 3: Using QR Codes and PURLs in Your Business Holiday Card

Oct 13, 2011

What can you do to jazz up your corporate holiday cards this year to make them more personal for your client and more useful to your business? By including QR Codes and PURLs inside the card you can tailor your message, offer your clients a choice of gifts and provide a specific offer. This is the third post in our blog series, Holiday Card Campaigns 101, designed to make your cards more valuable to both you and your clients.

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Measurable Results With Direct Mailings

Apr 06, 2011

Businesses of any size find it difficult funding marketing initiatives that include direct mailings because of the problematic nature of tracking their success rate. Every organization is expected to defend the costs associated with their departments. Marketing directors no longer get a pass when it comes to direct mail campaigns, but the good news is that new technology can quantify a variety of measurements that help determine the success of their investments.

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Fine Tuning Your Email Marketing Strategy

Feb 21, 2011

With the introduction of new and increasingly complex digital technologies,
marketing directors face tough challenges. They have to be experts on new technology before it has matured while simultaneously digesting results from the last marketing campaign. It's like driving down an unfinished road and checking your rearview mirror – all at the same time. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to let marketing strategies become ineffective and stale.

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