Is Anyone Out There? How to Build an Online Audience with Continuity Campaigns

Nov 16, 2011

Vya Staff

You’ve hired the best web designer you could find, a team of writers is blogging relevant, and informative content, you’ve built customer portals, but what do you have if no one sees it? Although all of these elements will make your online resources shine, there is no point in shining the spotlight when the theater is empty.

Once you have a dazzling site with amazing content, how can you lead your clients and prospects to it? There are several strategies that you can apply to build your audience. One that you may not have considered is a continuity campaign.

Content is Worthless Without an Audience
The real value in having top-of-the-line online resources is the reaction of the audience. And when that audience grows exponentially, so does your bottom line. Therefore, when creating your list of what you need for successful online marketing, somewhere between the designers, the writers, and the product itself, add ‘marquee’ to you list. The marquee, the invitation, the promotion, whatever you want to call it, is what will bring that audience into your theater.

11-16-11_thumbContinuity Campaigns Can Build Your Audience
A continuity campaign could be your answer. Continuity campaigns, also known as drip marketing, are a series of simple, timely and relevant communications over the life of your customer relationships. By sending regularly scheduled communications, such as newsletters, emails, booklets, event invitations, etc, you build awareness with prospects and build loyalty with customers. Highly targeted continuity marketing enables you to deliver relevant, and even personalized messages that will keep you top-of-mind.

How Continuity Campaigns Can Build Your Online Audience
By integrating several communication vehicles in your continuity campaign, you not only increase the success of your campaign, but you build your online audience as well. You can deliver your message more powerfully by using media preferred by your target and best suited to the communication.

Guide your recipients directly to relevant online content by linking your continuity marketing campaign to resources including blogs, videos, tools, customer portals and mobile applications. Make it easy for your recipient to connect to these resources by including URLs, Personalized URLs (PURLs), and QR Codes in your messages:

Online Media

Mobile Media

Static Content


Same QR Code for Each Recipient

Personalized Content

Personal URL (PURL)

Different QR Code for Each Recipient

This approach becomes an even more powerful audience-builder when you include social sharing buttons on your online resources. With these social marketing tools, you enable recipients to share your online content with friends. This simple ‘like’ or ‘share’ acts as a stamp-of-approval from your prospect or customer and helps you to get more followers. Thus, you can build an online community by connecting your continuity campaign with your online resources.

The true value of online resources is realized only when you build an online community of customers and prospects that regularly interact with the resources. Continuity campaigns are a highly targeted way to guide customers and prospects directly to your online resources that are most relevant to them. How are you currently leading people to the right content on your site?

* For more information about Continuity Campaigns, download The ABC’s of a Successful Continuity Campaign flipbook.

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