Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for April

Mar 05, 2013

A new month means new opportunities to connect with clients in meaningful ways through creative multichannel campaigns. Here are a few ideas to help you capitalize on all of the positive energy April and the turn of the season from winter to spring have to offer.

Theme: Time for baseball

Goal: Lead generation
Retail, entertainment, financial services, insurance, any other lead-driven business

  • Send out a direct mailer about your business with two mock baseball tickets (to your nearest local MLB or minor league team) included. Have QR codes on the t3-5-13_thumbickets.
    • The mailer will inform them they can enter to win two tickets to a baseball game by scanning the QR codes.
    • When the recipient scans the QR code, you can go one of two routes:

1. They’ll be taken to a contact form on a personalized URL (PURL) to fill out in order to enter, or…
2. They can scan to follow you on the social media platform of your choice.

  • After they fill out the form or follow/like your social media page, send out an e-mail saying the winner will be announced on another social media page (this way they are encouraged to follow you on some page).
  • Select a winner from the list of QR code-generated leads.
  • Send a follow-up e-mail to the other leads with the message that says or implies, “sorry you didn’t win the contest, but you can still win with us!”

Theme: Earth Day/Keep America Beautiful Month

Goal: Improve efficiency, cut expenses, social responsibility
Industries: Predominantly insurance and financial services

  • Include a postcard with a QR code in statements, bills or other direct mail communication that goes out on a regular schedule. (Or, better yet, print the QR code directly on the primary communication piece.)
  • When scanned, have the QR code send the client to a landing page that highlights a current environmental concern. On the page, give them the option to help out by switching to paperless billing, statements, etc.
  • To incentivize them, tell them you’ll donate a small amount (such as $1) to an environmental cause.
    • As an option give the client a choice of causes to send the donations to.
    • In the long run, you’ll save money on non-promotional print resources.

Theme: Are you in shape for the summer season?

Goal: Lead generation, retention/renewals, engagement
Industries: Healthcare, health insurance, fitness

  • Direct mail healthy “recipe cards” with QR codes on them.
  • The card has your company’s “recipe” for success pertaining to what you offer on it.
  • The QR code goes to a PURL with an actual healthy recipe on it and a contact form to learn more about your business.
  • Follow up with an e-mail providing more information about your offerings.
  • Start a Facebook thread for healthy recipes and, in the follow-up email, encourage followers to join you on Facebook to see more recipes and share their own.

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