Measurable Results With Direct Mailings

Apr 06, 2011

Vya Staff

Businesses of any size find it difficult funding marketing initiatives that include direct mailings because of the problematic nature of tracking their success rate. Every organization is expected to defend the costs associated with their departments. Marketing directors no longer get a pass when it comes to direct mail campaigns, but the good news is that new technology can quantify a variety of measurements that help determine the success of their investments.

A good marketing manager must walk a fine line between the creative, no-boundaries world they thrive in and the figurative, no-nonsense world they often deplore. New digital technologies help direct mailings by integrating innovative techniques such as Personalized URLs and Quick Response Codes (QR) into a cohesive approach. Intelligent software can now create direct mailings tailored to each customer by providing a personalized landing page or by embedding QR codes that can be scanned using Smartphones. Sales and marketing groups can receive instant feedback when a customer enters their PURL. Valuable data can be gathered over large geographic and demographic areas providing an extremely accurate accounting of its success. Sales associates can follow-up with a personal reply and target customers needing additional assistance. Both of these techniques use direct mailings as a personal delivery mechanism and, if executed correctly, could result in a significant increase in response rates and lead generation.

The auto industry uses direct mailings to deliver a personal message to their customers. Specialized postcards congratulate a recent purchase and embedded PURLs take them to an exclusive coupon on their next service visit. Universities have begun reaching out to their alumni using direct mailings in an effort to spur fundraising for endowments. Large equipment manufacturers make effective use of new digital marketing applications to reach vendors on dozens of industrial segments. By using different graphics and messaging, their direct mailings appear to be targeted specifically for each customer The key is to reach your customers on a personal level while measuring their reaction to your marketing efforts. By taking advantage of new digital methodologies, direct mailings help create a cause-and-effect approach encompassing all areas of your marketing verticals. DocuStar has helped many clients implement successful operational and cost-effective direct mailing campaigns using our leading-edge digital technology solutions. Browse our website to explore the many services we offer, and read about previous success stories in our Case Studies section.

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