Measurable Results With Direct Mailings

Apr 06, 2011

Businesses of any size find it difficult funding marketing initiatives that include direct mailings because of the problematic nature of tracking their success rate. Every organization is expected to defend the costs associated with their departments. Marketing directors no longer get a pass when it comes to direct mail campaigns, but the good news is that new technology can quantify a variety of measurements that help determine the success of their investments.

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Using Digital Technology To Enhance Branding Efforts

Feb 12, 2011

It's rare that a business creates such a significant and iconic logo for their company that nothing else is needed to promote their product. That image sells itself and their brand is known all over the world. For the rest of us, it takes herculean marketing efforts and a myriad of campaigns to establish a foothold in the memories of our clients.

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Tags: Digital Print, Cross, Marketing Advances, Functional Marketing, marketing resource management

More than Web-to-Print

Feb 07, 2011

Peter Drucker once wrote, "Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation." This was true years ago and is even truer today. Innovation is still the product of free-thinking, but technology has changed how we market ideas to customers.

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Tags: Marketing Advances, marketing resource management

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