Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 2: Price

Dec 07, 2012

Vya Staff

QR codes are showing up more and more these days as marketers continue to develop innovative ways to use them. Since QR codes provide a targeted way to deliver a message, it is important to approach them with a specific strategy in mind, so the information is always timely and relevant. Part 1 of our discussion on Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy addressed the promotions aspect of your marketing strategy. Part 2 focuses on a potentially very fluid aspect of the marketing plan – price.

Review you pricing plans.Price-Tag_thumb

Price Fluctuation - When product pricing plans indicate ongoing fluctuation, QR codes can be an effective way to provide customers with your latest price information. Using a smartphone to scan the QR code included in your product brochure or advertising, a buyer will be directed to your website for the current pricing details. By continuously updating your website with the latest pricing, your buyer has immediate access to the most up-to-date pricing information. A great example of how QR codes can be used for frequently changing information is in the financial services industry, where rates constantly change.

Price Complexity / Bundling – Sometimes product pricing is too complicated to be communicated in a small space on a brochure. This is another pricing scenario where the deployment of QR codes makes sense. By including a QR code on your brochures you can link buyers to a web-based pricing or quote engine where they can compare pricing of various configurations of your product. If you offer discounts when multiple products are purchased, use a QR code to link to a pricing site that clearly communicates your bundling offers.

Remember, for a QR code pertaining to price, it is extremely important that the customer be directed to the specific, mobile-optimized page of your website that contains the price information. If the QR code scan only takes them to your home page, they will probably not make the extra effort to dig for details.

Review your discount plans.

If coupons are a part of your discount strategy, QR codes can add a new dimension to your plan. A point-of-sale QR code enables you to virtually hand a prospective buyer a coupon while they are deciding whether to purchase your product, or even better, trying to choose between your offering and that of your competitor. By scanning the QR code, consumers will gain instant access to your special offer, via a link to your website, just as they are ready to buy.

Consider the reach of your coupon distribution. Unlike email coupons, QR code discounts, whether at the point-of-sale or on an advertisement, are available to the prospective buyers that are not on your mailing list.

Examine the timing of your discount plans throughout the year. Deploy QR codes when you have offers that regularly change. As offers expire, you can easily update your linking web page to provide an updated incentive or discount.

Before you launch…

No matter how you implement QR codes in your marketing efforts, there are several steps you should take before launch to ensure they are effective. Consider critical QR code specifications and always test the codes before you release them. Once the campaign is underway and the QR codes are in use, track the resulting activity and evaluate. As with any marketing strategy, adjustments may be necessary to optimize your campaign. Finally, have a plan in place for how you’re going to retire and redirect QR code linking content over time.

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When used effectively, QR codes can be an excellent way to give your customers immediate access to a variety of details that will motivate their purchasing decision. Are you currently using QR codes as part of your marketing strategy? Share your success stories here!

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