Effectively Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy - Part 4: Place

Dec 15, 2012

Just because QR codes are more prevalent does not necessarily mean they are being used in the most effective manner. It is easy to get caught up in the newness of this marketing tool and use QR codes haphazardly instead of incorporating them into a well planned marketing strategy. In recent blog posts we addressed the promotions, price and product aspects of your marketing strategy and how the use of QR codes can fit into each of these plans. Today we will discuss “place” or your product distribution strategy.QR-code-concept-iStock-000018509979XSmall_thumb

Review your distribution plans.

Begin by reviewing your product distribution plans. Effectively implementing QR Codes can expand your market coverage by allowing customers to make a quick purchasing response to a visual prompt.

Brick and Mortar - If you are a brick and mortar company, you can display a QR code in your business’ window to allow customers to scan and connect with an online store. This is especially beneficial when your business is closed. Not only can you can turn a passive looker into an active buyer, but you also provide a better customer experience by immediately serving your customer virtually despite the “closed” sign on your door.

Online - If you operate online exclusively, QR codes can enable a low cost physical presence. You can rent window space or a well placed kiosk and display a few products along with a QR code that will direct customers to your online store.

Successful online retailer, Ebay, has created a physical shopping presence using QR codes. Appealing to window shoppers in New York City, the Ebay storefront contains products accompanied by QR codes. When the codes are scanned, shoppers are linked to the product page or listings of similar products where they can make a purchase. There is no physical store behind the window. But, with their clever deployment of QR codes, Ebay has expanded their market coverage beyond the online shopper.

Examine how you measure distribution channel performance.

QR Codes can also be used to collect customer feedback data for measuring the performance of your distribution channels. Instead of asking your customer to provide comments or complete a satisfaction survey by logging on to a website, simplify the process by providing a QR Code that connects them instantly to your survey or feedback form. You can provide the code via a sales receipt or a poster displayed at your location. Once the code is scanned, you can capture customer feedback on the spot, collecting their immediate reaction to their experience. To further encourage participation, consider offering a discount or other incentive.

Ensure the quality of your QR codes.

QR Codes clearly can take your marketing efforts to the next level but be thorough in your execution. Always, follow key QR code specifications and test your codes before releasing them to your audience. Best practices dictate that you test the QR codes with the top three leading phone brands: Blackberry, iPhone, and Droid prior to release. As with any aspect of marketing, you need to measure results and adjust your strategy accordingly. Also be mindful to continually monitor where QR codes direct your customer over time. Do not take a chance of creating a negative experience for a potential customer by directing them to an error message.

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Our marketing strategy series has given you guidance regarding QR codes and promotion, price, product and now today, place. Are you using QR Codes in your marketing plans? Have you recently seen a well done campaign that incorporates them? If so, please share your experience by commenting below.

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