June 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Jun 27, 2013

Stay better informed as a marketing professional with this monthly series highlighting the latest developments in all things marketing. Get caught up with the June Marketing News Snapshot.
Video Is the Next Frontier for Email Marketers
This eMarketer article delves into the statistics behind using video in email marketing. While only a quarter of businesses are currently using video in email, 81% of respondents said they were at least somewhat likely to integrate videos into their email marketing practices. The article breaks down reasons why marketers are not using video in email and also the top benefits of using videos in email according to marketing executives. Read the full article. (6/19/2013, eMarketer)

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Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for June

May 02, 2013

June brings with it plenty of hot weather…along with plenty of summer marketing opportunities. Check out these multi-channel campaigns to boost your bottom line.

Theme: National Doughnut Day (June 7)

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