Creative Multichannel Campaign Ideas for June

May 02, 2013

June brings with it plenty of hot weather…along with plenty of summer marketing opportunities. Check out these multi-channel campaigns to boost your bottom line.

Theme: National Doughnut Day (June 7)

Goal: Social responsibility, lead generation, lead nurturing, social media engagement, sales

Industries: Insurance, financial services, health care, direct sales, e-commerce

• Create a foldable, 4-page direct mail piece, with the design mimicking that of a box of doughnuts.

• On the outside, include company name and logo, with a “sticker” ad for whatever your promoting inside.

• On the inside, have the QR codes resembling different types of doughnuts (instead of the standard black and white QR code) and linking off to landing pages for your promotion or social media site. Keep the number of call-to-actions to a minimum though, so as not to overwhelm or confuse your audience.

• On the inside “lid”, explain what you’re offering and give a brief explanation of National Doughnut Day, which originated to honor the work of the Salvation Army helping U.S. soldiers in World War I (referred to as “doughboys”).

• One of the QR “doughnuts” should link to the Salvation Army donation webpage, encouraging your audience to join you in making a small donation to help the cause.

• Send e-mail follow-ups thanking those that signed up for your offer or participated in the campaign.

Theme: Father’s Day (June 16)

Goal: Engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing

Industries: Health care, health insurance, life insurance

• Prepare direct mail postcards to clients and/or prospects promoting your business and thanking dad’s for what they do.

• Have a call-to-action urging men to sign up for your newsletter by clicking a QR code on the postcard.

• When they sign up, e-mail them your most recent newsletter as well as a tip sheet on men’s health.

• The tip sheet could include examinations that should be performed, and exercise and dietary advice broken down by age or age group.

• If you’re sending to current clients, you could also include a link to health care providers in their area on the tip sheet.
5-2-13_thumbTheme: First Day of Summer (June 21)

Goal: Social media engagement, boost social media presence

Industries: Financial services, health insurance, health care, any business-to-consumer

• Send an e-mail or direct mail postcard calling on clients/prospects to follow your social media pages. If sending a direct mail piece, include a QR code for each platform you want to promote.

• As incentive, explain that each month (or whatever frequency you choose) you will be giving out prizes to followers on a different platform.

• Prizes can include anything summer-themed, from coupons for ice cream to tickets to a local amusement park.

• Be sure to list out the prizes you’re offering in the e-mail/postcard.

• Make the actual “entry” to win the prize engagement on the social media site as opposed to anyone who decides to follow. In this way, you’re getting some return value from them and driving conversation that matters to your audience.

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