Get Smart! – 5 Information-Packed Themes for September QR Code Campaigns

Aug 02, 2012

Vya Staff

With the start of fall in September, the summer heat is finally winding down (we hope!). smartbaby-122205645_thumbFrom Labor Day gatherings to the 2012 NFL season kickoff, changing leaves and fall outdoor projects, the beginning of fall provides many themes for creative QR code campaign ideas.

Continuing our monthly blog series, here’s your line-up of creative themes to connect with – and educate – your customers this September.

Themes: Fall Family Outdoor Activities/Labor Day (9/3)

Sample Industries: Entertainment, Financial Services Parks & Recreation, Retail, Travel

- Use QR codes on vending posters in public places to promote fall outdoor activities, such as nature trails and festivals, linking to a map with directions to each location with the QR code scan

- Use QR codes on direct mailers to link to a mobile-optimized website where customers can locate and track the fall’s best foliage

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer discounts and incentives on outdoor entertaining products such as grills and lighting

- Use QR codes on posters in commuter areas to offer discounts on family dining and entertainment over the holiday weekend (redeemable with the QR code scan)

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer extra incentives and discounts for Labor Day travel

Theme: NFL Kickoff (9/5)

Sample Industries: Banking, Bars and Restaurants, Entertainment, Financial Services, Retail, Travel

- Use QR codes on table tops and vending posters in waiting areas to offer discounts on drinks and dining as the 2012 NFL season kicks off

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer special financing on large entertainment purchases such televisions and grills just in time for the football season

- Use QR codes to run a sweepstakes for a chance to win discounted or free tickets to local games in exchange for customer information

Themes: International Literacy Day (9/8)/Library Card Sign-Up Month

Sample Industries: Education/Universities Entertainment, Museums, Think Tanks

Did you know? According to the UNESCO, one in six adults worldwide is still not literate. Provide opportunities for your customers to get involved in this cause by linking to a mobile-optimized website where they can donate to organizations advancing literacy advocacy, while also encouraging reading through library card sign-up month.

- Use QR codes on catalogs, library receipts, and promotional mailers to link to a mobile-optimized website with literacy facts, advocacy resources, and donation links

- Use QR codes on vending posters in classrooms and workplaces to encourage library card sign-ups, linking to the local library’s hours and location with the QR code scan

- Use QR codes at point-of-sale displays to link to literacy facts and resources on a mobile-optimized website; offer an extra discount on the purchase to customers who show their library cards

FYI, Pittsburgh Steelers’ strong safety, Troy Polamalu, and two thirds of Americans, carry a library card: Hey, it's cool to read!

Theme: Fall Outdoor Projects/First Day of Fall (9/22)

Sample Industries: Banking, Building Products, Financial Services, Property and Casualty Insurance, Retail

- Use QR codes in direct mailers to offer discounts, incentives and DIY advice for fall outdoor projects such as:

1. Decking materials and supplies to winterize decks

2. Caulking and sealing outdoor home cracks

3. Cleaning gutters

4. Inspecting and repairing roofing, siding and gutters

5. Planting perennials such as tulips and daffodils and larger variety perennials such as yarrow

- Use QR codes in direct mailers or flyers to offer financing or incentives for installing energy efficient heating systems and insulation

Theme: World Heart Day (9/30)

Sample Industries: Fitness, Food Manufacturers, Groceries, Health Insurance, Hospitals and Clinics, Life Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Weight Management

Did you know? Cardiovascular disease was responsible for 30 percent of mortalities worldwide in 2005 alone, and 80 percent or more of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided if the main risk factors – tobacco, unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity – are controlled. Promote wellness this fall with these heart-friendly ideas:

- Use QR codes on point-of-sale displays to link to statistics about cardiovascular disease and tips for eating and living well

- Use QR codes on posters and flyers at gyms and places of employment to dynamically schedule a heart health screening or health check

- Incorporate QR codes into printed mailers and flyers to link to wellness tips and heart-healthy recipes

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Pre-launch Checklist:

1. Include a call to action to improve chances of QR redemption.

2. Test QR codes and review our recommended QR code specifications before launching any campaign.

3. Have a plan in place for how you’re going to retire and redirect content after the life of your QR code promotion.

Above we’ve provided several informative QR code campaign themes to connect with – and educate – your customers this fall with insightful facts and helpful DIY tips for projects such as roofing, siding and gutter repairs, caulking and sealing home outdoor cracks, and planting perennials all before cooler weather sets in.

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