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Aug 16, 2012

Vya Staff

Many companies are finding more progressive ways to bring customers to them. ProgressivePhoto-Top_thumbIntegrating QR Codes into advertisements are a great opportunity to enable a deeper customer engagement. In order to make this work, the QR scan must provide convenience and show value. This QR Code Workshop Series presents examples to emulate to help you improve the effectiveness of your QR Code and the resources it offers.

This review is on a QR Code for an insurance company. The advertisement was observed in National Geographic Magazine. With more and more consumers adopting mobile technology, QR codes in ads enable companies to immediately connect with savvy shoppers.

The Description

Progressive Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies. They offer a variety of insurance from homeowner, condo, and commercial auto insurance to snowmobile, health, and RV insurance. This QR Code gives prospects a snapshot of what Progressive offers to make insurance shopping a little easier.

The small ½” by ½” code is located on the bottom left corner, placing it on the fold of the magazine. The majority of the code is black and white with the orange and blue Progressive emblem in the center. Scannable by Android Phone, iPhone, and Windows Phone, this code leads you to a mobile optimized site. Underneath the code reads a small call to action – “Scan to start a quote”. The information presented when scanned includes:

- Get a free quote or call for a quote
- Download the free Progressive App
- Visit progressive.com where you can quote, buy, and manage your policy online
- Play the Find Flo Game


Here is what we liked about the Progressive Code:

1.Mobile Optimized Site

When scanned, users are directed to a mobile functioning site. The mobile page is extremely easy to navigate, placing countless options right at your finger tips. If you choose to get a free quote by phone, the number is dialed for you.

2.Call to Action

A solid call to action lets users know the exact value they will be receiving. Instead of saying Progressive-Mobile_thumbscan for more information, Progressive stated scan to start a quote. This lets users know at once the value of the scan and what is has to offer.

3.Share Options

Twitter and Facebook follow options allow users to stay up-to-date with Progressive’s mock sales representative, Flo. Tweets and status updates from Flo’s account share helpful driving tips and Progressive insurance options.


Fun downloads enable Progressive lovers to transfer free ringtones and wallpaper to their smart phone and even play a “Find Flo” game. Offering downloads such as games can engage users longer than a standard text or video ad would. This presents an entertaining way of interacting with a brand.

5.Value of Functionality

The functionality of this scan provides convenience by letting the user complete the action of receiving a free quote right on the spot. This definitely adds value to the QR Code and makes the interaction worthwhile for the consumer.

QR Code Enhancements

1.Ease of Scan

Although we did not experience any challenges in scanning this code, there are some aspects of this implementation that could prove problematic, especially for smartphones that have an inferior camera. The code is placed on the inside fold of the magazine page which does not provide a flat surface to scan. In addition, the code is smaller than we typically recommend to ensure the code scans consistently. As stated in the last QR Code Workshop, too many failed attempts will result in less usage. Tactically place the code where the advertisement lays flat to ensure more successful scans and carefully consider the size of your code.


Progressive Insurance shows appreciation for their prospects and customers by providing ease and convenience with their QR scan. Their example demonstrates key practices worth emulating. A strong call to action urges more interaction between its users and the QR Code. Adding a game and fun downloads helps broaden the range of demographics that will use this QR Code. Mobile-optimized landing pages designed for ease-of-use allow consumers to see and act on all the functionality that is offered. Efficient use of QR Codes, like the one discussed here by Progressive Insurance, will not only produce a good QR Code user experience but will also generate leads and build loyalty.

How much convenience does your QR Code provide?

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