How to Improve Campaign Effectiveness through Marketing Measurement

Jan 31, 2012

While social media continues to gain headway, continuity, or drip campaigns (email, direct mail or a combination) still remain a highly effective approach for nurturing prospects towards increased engagement and interaction with your brand. When coupled with an online element, such as URLs, PURLs or QR codes, measurement tools offered through marketing resource management (MRM) systems can deliver powerful analytics to optimize the sales cycle – providing a wealth of data to improve customer segmentation and content personalization.

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Tags: QR Codes, PURL, email marketing, MRM, Continuity Campaigns, campaign, measurement, marketing resource management

Fine Tuning Your Email Marketing Strategy

Feb 21, 2011

With the introduction of new and increasingly complex digital technologies,
marketing directors face tough challenges. They have to be experts on new technology before it has matured while simultaneously digesting results from the last marketing campaign. It's like driving down an unfinished road and checking your rearview mirror – all at the same time. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to let marketing strategies become ineffective and stale.

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Tags: PURL, email marketing, marketing strategy

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