How to Help Franchisees Up the Quality Quotient of Their Local Marketing

Jun 15, 2017

how to help franchisees with high quality franchise local marketingExperts estimate today’s US consumer is exposed to as many as 10,000 brand messages a day. More than ever, marketers need to deliver relevant messages, through multiple channels, with enough frequency to gain recognition and engagement. Every consumer touchpoint counts. Which means the quality of marketing campaigns is critical to breaking through the noise.

Franchisors understand that high-quality marketing at the local level is vital to each franchisee’s success as well as to the success of the brand overall. So how can franchisors best support franchisees in executing high-quality marketing strategies that will help them stand out?

Here are some ways franchisors can help franchisees be successful local marketers in today’s challenging marketing environment.

Get REALLY Targeted

Capturing the attention of today’s consumer is dependent on knowing your target market. Collecting customer data and understanding how to use it is key. This is often a stumbling point for franchisees. According to BIA/Kelsey, fewer than half of franchisees that maintain customer lists use those lists for promotions. This is where franchisors can really help.

A great way to help educate franchisees on who to target is to distribute target market information down through the field staff that is supporting local franchisees. With an understanding of who they are going after, franchisees can purchase or build targeted contact lists and better refine their efforts for generating leads and growing business.

Further, franchisors can provide franchisees with tools to manage campaigns and reach specific demographics within their target market. For example, a franchisor that uses a market resource management system can set up different campaign tracks based on the type of audience, like repeat customers and new prospects. This allows the franchisee to select special discount offers to attract new customers, while suggesting new products or services to repeat customers based on prior purchases.

Franchisors can also provide franchisees valuable guidance on how to cross-sell and upsell by tracking spending behavior. This sort of data management can be difficult for a franchisee to do on their own. But with a franchisor’s help, they can track buyer behavior and create the kinds of relevant campaign tracks that engage target customers.

Integrate Systems & Management

While many franchise businesses allow franchisees to manage their own customer data through their choice of POS and CRM systems, more and more franchisors are using an opt-in model in which the franchisor manages the data for franchisees. This might include endorsing a single POS system that is integrated across the franchise business for more effective campaign management. This allows the franchisor to apply key learnings more broadly across the whole system, which can allow for campaign optimization, and ultimately, better results.

There are also hybrid options that allow the franchisor to manage systems, while also giving hands-on franchisees approval authority related to content and contacts.

Automate Quality

Franchisees often have the best of intentions when it comes to marketing. But they get so busy with the day-to-day tasks of running the business, that marketing often gets back-burnered. Automation can bridge the gap between good intentions and execution by leveraging marketing resources created by corporate that allow for some customization, but are generally turnkey. Turnkey campaigns ensure quality communications are reaching local markets, with minimal effort on the part of the franchisee.

Automation also allows a franchisor to provide adequate support for marketing programs. As an example, Vya’s ad systems reduce turnaround time for ad resizing and distribution, allowing franchisees to efficiently fulfill local advertising requirements while focusing on other core business activities.

Offer Expertise & Foster Two-Way Communication

Getting franchisee buy-in on marketing is one of the best ways to ensure quality and successful execution at the local level. And buy-in relies on open communication between franchisor and franchisee. This starts with a strong communication strategy that ensures franchisees understand the direction and support provided by the franchisor. It can include promotion guides, implementation tools and easily customizable templates.

Franchisors can also serve as an expert resource and sounding board for franchisees seeking guidance. They can share general marketing best practices as well as specifics on what’s worked for other franchises.

Recognize and Syndicate Success

A great way to reinforce quality franchise marketing is by recognizing franchisees who are standout local marketers, and sharing their successful approaches across the organization. What works in one market may not always translate to another. But quite often, the tactics of a successful franchisee can serve as best practices that can be deployed across your organization, creating a strong, consistent approach that breeds quality and success.


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