May 2014 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

May 28, 2014

Stay better informed as a marketing professional with this monthly series highlighting the latest developments in all things marketing. Get caught up with the May Marketing News Snapshot.

December news snapshotAre You into Twitterstorms and Tweetchats? | We all know Twitter was conceived to exchange information in short message format. But it has evolved to much more. There are Tweetstorms, Tweetchats, Twitterwalls, etc., which are creating a lot of commotion about the usage of Twitter. People are getting disenchanted with the users of these practices but are they really all that bad? Maybe not? And what strategy should follow to counter these negative comments? Read the full article. (Social Media Today, 5/25/2014)

A Snapshot of the 21st Century Marketer | Today's marketer needs to be digital, mobile, social, personal, and always on. Nowadays, evolution is the name of the marketing game. But marketers don't need to look back 50, 20, or even five years to see the exponential change in the industry over time. In just the past few years marketers have been inundated with new technologies, innovative strategies, and pressing customer expectations. Read the full article. (Direct Marketing News, 5/19/2014)

How Does a 95-Year-Old Brand Stay Relevant in the Digital Era? | Conrad Hilton would have told you that a life well lived is one that includes a well-worn passport. For the marketing arm of the hotel empire that Hilton began in 1919, that philosophy is now manifest as a two-way conversation — brand and traveler in dialogue online. Read the full article. (Mashable, 5/15/2014)

Eight Ways to Capture Your Readers' Attention (and Keep Them Coming Back!)| Businesses should be creating content for what really matters—the person who could potentially convert and ultimately pay for a product and or service offered by the content creator. Here are eight tips that can help create a solid content marketing strategy. Read the full article. (MarketingProfs, 5/9/2014)

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