Old QR Codes Never Die….. What Do They Do? How to Plan Your QR Code Lifecycle

Nov 29, 2011

So, you’ve incorporated QR codes into your marketing campaign. You’ve created the QR codes. You’ve followed key QR code specifications to ensure your target market will be able to scan your codes. But, over time, what happens to those codes and their associated content? Although the QR codes you have placed in mailers, magazine ads and in catalogues may be highly effective today, you need to consider the shelf-life of the piece where it is printed. Once it goes to press, how long will the public have access to that code? What will they find when they scan it after six months, a year, several years? In order to ensure those who scan your QR code encounter a positive experience no matter when they scan, follow the key guidelines below for QR code lifecycle planning.

QR Codes and Media Type

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Using QR Codes as an Alternative to Location-Based Mobile Coupons

Nov 22, 2011

Location-based mobile coupons, those which are automatically delivered to a consumer’s smartphone based on their location, give marketers the opportunity to target consumers with highly relevant offers that they can act upon immediately. However, along with this benefit comes the risk of alienating consumers who feel uncomfortable with the technology. For some people, the thought of receiving location-based mobile coupons makes them feel like they are being watched – creepy. On-site QR codes linked to coupons are an alternative to consider. Instead of a coupon automatically being delivered, the consumer accesses the coupon by scanning the code. This blog is designed to help you sift through your coupon options as you develop your mobile marketing strategy.

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Stop the Presses! 4 Critical QR Code Specifications to Address Before You Print

Nov 17, 2011

The world is embracing the use of Quick Response Codes, better known as QR codes. They seem to be popping up everywhere. As smartphones become more common (there are approximately 100 million being used in the United States alone) consumers are using QR codes to access information, and to access it immediately. If you are creating QR codes for your campaign or promotion, it’s important to address key QR code specifications to make sure your code will work.

There are the four critical QR code specifications you need to address before you publish your QR code:

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QR Codes - A New, High-Tech Edge to Your Marketing Campaign

Jan 26, 2011

Marketing professionals have recently developed an interest in a phenomenon that has been popping up on billboards, print ads, and websites alike: QR Codes. While those who aren’t familiar with them may dismiss them as a benign curiosity; as with many successful, up-and-coming marketing strategies, they are sure to increase in popularity as the general public becomes more aware of them.

Quick Response codes, or QR Codes, are two-dimensional, pixilated barcodes containing data that can be retrieved via a mobile phone’s built-in camera. Using a barcode scanner application, a user can “scan” the barcode with their phone in a way similar to how a supermarket clerk would scan UPC codes on groceries. The barcode scanner application would use the data encoded within the barcode to display information to the user like text, Web pages, contact information from vCards. QR Codes have been in widespread use for years in countries like Japan, and are rapidly gaining popularity stateside, as they are now commonly seen in magazines, signs, public transportation vehicles, and practically anywhere that users may need to retrieve additional information.

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