QR Codes and the Customer Experience

Jun 14, 2012

Vya Staff

As an internal advocate for the customer perspective, marketing touches all aspects of customerrate-140005369_thumbcustomer service. Product managers in marketing are tasked with ensuring not only product quality, but also the quality of the support materials and resources available for their product lines, while brand managers are charged with overseeing customer experience excellence throughout the customer lifecycle. Just as every department has a stake in elevating the customer experience, QR codes can create value-added impressions across multiple customer touch points. Below are four innovative ways QR codes can be used to improve the Customer Experience.

1. Use QR codes to provide customers with the information they need – when they need it. QR codes can be used anywhere to provide on-demand product information. For example, QR codes placed on products or product packaging can link to a summary of product information on a mobile-optimized website, a knowledgebase index with troubleshooting steps and solutions, or product introduction and/or training videos, while printed product manuals can include QR codes linking to informational videos. QR codes can also ensure that customers have access to the most current product information at all times, as QR codes never expire and can be dynamically pointed to the most current product support materials and resources over time.

2. Use QR code scans to initiate actions such as support requests. QR codes can be used to trigger any number of actions with the QR code scan. From scheduling an appointment and initiating a phone call to technical support or customer service, to opening up a mobile chat session with technical support technicians, QR codes can be used to provide access to immediate help and support.

3. Use QR codes to simplify and automate routine processes in the Customer Experience. Using QR codes linking to a mobile-optimized warranty registration form makes it easy and convenient for the customer to complete what is often an inconvenient process, while increasing the number of customers taking advantage of the full benefits of warranty registration. Additionally, QR codes can be integrated with customer loyalty programs to simplify loyalty program enrollment or used on direct mailers, invoices or billing statements to link to an online billing center, simplifying payment options.

4. Use QR codes to request customer feedback. QR codes can be added to tradeshow materials and displays, direct marketing materials, invoices and billing statements, product packaging and point of sale receipts to request customer feedback about all aspects of the Customer Experience, for example: product quality; service and support responsiveness; quality of customer service and support; and confidence in the brand. Additionally, QR codes can be used to request event-specific feedback following a customer transaction, seminar, or training program via QR codes printed on signage, flyers or posters at establishment exits. For the most success with this approach, QR code scans should direct to a survey form on a mobile-optimized website.


QR codes should do more than link to just a standard company website. The information provided with the QR scan should be relevant, concise and accessible from a mobile-optimized website compatible with all web-enabled smartphones. QR codes can be used in innovative ways to help simplify and automate customer support and standard business processes, provide convenience and value with the scan, and improve customer intimacy through QR-directed customer surveys.


How are you using QR codes to raise the bar on your Customer Experience? Stay tuned for a future Marketing Organizational Leadership blog on the marketing department’s role in helping to improve the Customer Experience.


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