October 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Oct 30, 2013

October Marketing NewsStay better informed as a marketing professional with this monthly series highlighting the latest developments in all things marketing. Get caught up with the October Marketing News Snapshot.

For B2C Marketers, Social Media Tops Content Marketing Efforts
More B2C marketers are adopting content marketing strategies, and more of them than ever before are leaning on social media as their primary channel to get their message out. Among social media sites, Facebook leads the way for content marketing messaging, but Twitter gained significant ground in second, with YouTube third on the list. Read the full article. (10/24/2013, eMarketer)

LinkedIn Revamps Products, Integrates Email Workaround For iPhones
LinkedIn is becoming a bigger component of sales and marketing in the B2B world. Matt Kapko at ClickZ gives a heads up to LinkedIn’s future, which includes a massive shift to mobile and more integration with iOS. With mobile LinkedIn subscribers two-and-a-half times more active than desktop-only users, LinkedIn sees this as an opportunity to reinvent itself. Read the full article. (10/25/2013, ClickZ)

A Sneak Peek at 2014 Marketing Trends and Other Hot Topics from the Marketing Forum Conference
Kimberly Whittly at Forbes recaps the 2013 Marketing Forum USA, which featured insight from some of the country’s top marketing minds. Among the topics covered: transformative marketing, marketing trends and the shifting marketing landscape. Read the full article. (10/28/2013, Forbes)

Google Hides Search Terms from Publishers, Marketers
Partially as a response to privacy concerns, Google is further limiting the amount of information and analytics available to web publishers and marketers as it pertains to organic search results and keywords. Sites that will feel the biggest impact are those that “create keyword-laden content to drive traffic from search.” Read the full article. (10/28/2013, Ad Age)

Are Facebook Ads Working? The Clicks Say ‘Yes’
The first Social Media Intelligence Report analyzing Facebook ad metrics was released in October. It’s findings: clicks are up, cost is down. Read the full article from Mashable to get a complete rundown of the numbers. The study was conducted by Adobe and Kenshoo Social. Read the full article. (10/29/2013, Mashable)

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