Holiday Card Campaigns 101 Part 8: How to Execute Your Holiday Campaign

Nov 03, 2011

Vya Staff

As the holiday season approaches, the task of sending holiday cards could be looming on your to-do list. The entire process, from list generation, to design, to distribution can be complicated, but with a little preplanning, it doesn’t have to be. This is the eighth blog in a series to help you organize your corporate holiday campaign. Through the series we have been sharing ideas for your campaign, but when it comes time to execute, how do you do it? In this blog you will find a holiday shopping list for capabilities to look for when you purchase fulfillment services for your holiday campaign.

Creative Services

Your customers receive so many cards at this time of year, how can you make yours stand out? From graphic design to help with writing your business holiday card greeting, find a partner to create a card that represents your business.


The right partner can populate your greeting and even your images with your recipient’s name and suggest other personalization strategies. They will also have the ability to vary signatures, ensuring that the recipient receives a card signed by someone they know.

Data Services

Data services are a critical capability. Look for a company with advanced software for purging duplicate addresses. This service can save you both money and embarrassment. Additionally, they should double check your list against opt-out and do-not-contact lists.


If printing services are needed, discuss turnaround time and quality check processes. For personalization, you will need a provider with digital printing capabilities.


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