Using Digital Technology To Enhance Branding Efforts

Feb 12, 2011

Vya Staff

It's rare that a business creates such a significant and iconic logo for their company that nothing else is needed to promote their product. That image sells itself and their brand is known all over the world. For the rest of us, it takes herculean marketing efforts and a myriad of campaigns to establish a foothold in the memories of our clients.

Today, coming up with an emblem, tagline or quip that creates a permanent synapse between your brand and a product or service requires taking advantage of new and advanced digital technologies. In a world dominated by mobile and Internet based media, we often miss great printed media marketing opportunities. State of the art software applications, combined with incredibly sophisticated digital printing devices, now give advertising and marketing teams a wide range of creativity. Brochures, posters, and other mailers can be created using the most vibrant color combinations. A unique combination of paper texture and layout can also have a profound effect on a customer's perception of your brand and products. Combine these latest digital printing technologies with new and emerging electronic media channels to create a completely cohesive marketing strategy.

Quick Response codes (QRs) are now being placed in printed media outlets giving customers a chance to fully interact with your marketing efforts. These small, square barcodes will direct a customer to a URL, text message, or other Web-oriented site, when scanned using their Smartphone. Additionally, personalized URLs (PURLs) can be sent out using email and text messaging. Both of these innovative techniques provide you with unabated access to instant feedback and a chance to pull customers to your products. Engage your customers and give them a reason to remember your brand using eye-catching designs, paper, and thought-provoking technology.

With over 200 million printed pieces annually, DocuStar has been providing printing services for nearly 20 years. Our newest product, MarketHUB+, allows us to integrate printed media and digital technology to help you create an effective marketing campaign, all designed at enhancing the awareness and effectiveness of your company's brand. Our unique blend of digital printing products and services is focused on helping you get your product delivered to the right customers, using the right media, all at the right price. Contact DocuStar today to find out how we can help you promote your brand and achieve extraordinary recognition among your customer base and beyond.

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