What really drives customer loyalty?

Apr 02, 2015

Jay Brokamp

docustar-employees-for-jay-blog_v2I have to admit – a recent social media post we shared caused me to do a double take. Last week, we shared an article from Harvard Business Review called “Stop trying to delight your customers.” Unsure of what the article was really about – and why we were sharing it – I took a look. And I totally got it.

The article, almost five years old, didn’t share anything we weren’t doing, and haven’t been doing for a long time. The article underscored the importance of making things as easy as possible for your customers, and taking away as much complexity as you can in order to build customer loyalty. It’s a simple concept, really: Your products and solutions have to more than deliver – they have to be easy to use.

At DocuStar, that’s always our number one concern. We are in a technology-focused industry. And the biggest downfall of most technology is that it can take away from the human experience and sometimes makes things more complicated in its quest to simplify.

That’s why we look at technology in a completely different light. Our solutions and products are designed with our clients in mind so they work as intended to simplify and streamline complicated marketing and branding processes and requirements. We’re dedicated to making sure the software we develop lives outside of the box. And we do that in a very simple way – through our people.

One thing the HBR article didn’t call out (and what I see as a missed point) is the important role the people in your company play. Regardless of your customer service policy, procedures and focus or the services and products you develop – if you don’t have dedicated, determined people who are passionate about helping your customers, your policy and customer service will go out the window.

I’m proud of the culture and team we have here at DocuStar that is so dedicated to our clients, and determined to deliver quality products and services. When I walk around and see and hear this attention to detail and focus on quality, I’m blown away by the caliber of people we’ve brought together under one roof.

It’s easy for me, as CEO, to say that we have exceptional people dedicated to simplifying our clients’ work to help make their days more productive. That’s why we were very excited to learn Gleanster, a third-party research company, ranked us top for ease-of-use and deployment for our marketing resource management solutions. Something we’ve worked so hard for was recognized by our clients. And we learned ease of use is just as important to them as it is for us.

The reality is you can’t build customer loyalty with delight, or even with a solid customer service program. You build customer loyalty from the ground up and by putting your people and your clients at the center of everything you do.

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