Local marketing - it’s more than just search strategy

Aug 07, 2015

Martha France

Nailing a search strategy is important for many local marketing campaigns. But it’s not the only element. Even in today’s marketplace, smart relationship-based strategies are still as important—or in some cases, more important—than search alone.

Connection-Strategy-ThinkstockPhotos-481705090.jpgConstant algorithm changes and always evolving markets, trends and interests can make a search-only local marketing strategy a risky one. A successful plan is a robust one, one that meets consumers across many channels and locations – not just online.

Here are a few marketing strategies that bring local success for our clients.

1) Customizing sales materials.
While search can be a good tool to send customers your way, customized sales materials help build customer relationships over the long term. A little personalization goes a long way. It humanizes your marketing material, showing you take that extra step and care about your customer. It is part of developing an ongoing conversation with your customer that hopefully lasts awhile.

2) Engaging with sales channels.
Your local sales channels can be your most powerful sales force, but are often not used to their full potential. Engage them in joint marketing initiatives to increase awareness, boost sales, generate leads, participate in special events and run up-sell campaigns. Over time, empowering sales teams to communicate effectively and drive sales can have a dramatic impact in strengthening brands and improving your bottom line.

3) Understanding local markets.
No technology can replace a deep and true understanding of the local market. To gain that understanding, tap into your ground floor resource: your local sales teams. They understand the needs and desires of their audiences and can help guide campaigns so they don’t miss the mark. Surveys, in-person meetings and scheduled touch-base phone calls are great ways to gather input, and help build local relationships.

4) Leverage local marketing budgets.
Sales teams often have co-op funds, market development funds and other local marketing budgets at their disposal to run campaigns that reach local consumers. The biggest challenge for many of our clients, however, is how to effectively leverage that money and let partners know how to use the money available to them. Constant communication, clear direction, easy access to funds and campaigns, and a simple approval process go a long way to engage local teams and motivate them to use corporate-provided marketing materials. A local marketing budget system, used effectively, can help make that happen.

The list goes on. Whatever you do, explore local marketing beyond search. Your brand—and your bottom line—deserves it.

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