December 2013 Monthly Marketing News Snapshot

Dec 23, 2013

Stay better informed as a marketing professional with this monthly series highlighting the latest developments in all things marketing. Since this is our last post of 2013, we’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays and happy New Year. We’ll see you all back here on the blog in 2014!December news snapshot

B2B Marketers Use Stories for Successful Digital Video
Everyone likes a good story, whether they are buying for themselves or their business, according to this article from eMarketer. And more B2B companies are starting to realize this when it comes to video. According to a study, 72% of buyers who watched a technology-related video then researched the product the video was about. Read the full article. (12/12/2013, eMarketer)

Dailydo Proves Email Marketing Is the Real Deal This quick case study of how Dailydo injected new life into an acquired brand through email marketing illustrates the power of the medium, especially in B2C markets. They didn’t do it by blasting commercial messages, however. They did it by telling the brand’s comeback story and informing the audience of changes to the brand in a pre-relaunch email campaign. When they followed up with the commercial emails, sales were better than expected. Read the full article. (12/18/2013, Direct Marketing News)

The 20 Best Ads of 2013 Want to see what struck a chord with audiences in 2013? This article from Fast Company and C.Create rolls through the best ads of the year, covering all mediums, from social media to video and everything outside and in-between. And any list in which Jean Claude Van Damme makes an appearance is definitely worth the time! Read the full article. (12/18/2013, Co.Create)

Dunkin’ Donuts and Toyota Tap Google+ Hangouts for Entertainment and Brand Visibility ClickZ explores the potential of Google+ Hangouts as a viable marketing tool for businesses by looking at two case studies: Dunkin’ Donuts and Toyota. Dunkin’ Donuts held interactive contests via the social media tool, while Toyota offered car shoppers the ability to invite friends to a sort of online showroom to share their ideas and opinions. Read more to see how both campaigns faired. Read the full article. (12/18/2013, ClickZ)

Mobile Growth Pushes Facebook to Become No. 2 U.S. Digital Ad Seller Facebook trails only Google in the amount of U.S. digital ad spend, according to a new report from eMarketer. Other interesting stats of note: Mobile accounts for more than 22% of all U.S. digital ad spending. In 2010, that number was less than 3%. Read the full article. (12/19/2013, eMarketer)

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