Looking forward: 3 marketing innovations for 2016

Dec 22, 2015

Martha France

Connect with consumers using innovative marketing ideasLast week, we took a moment to look back at 2015’s biggest marketing trends. This week, we’re looking forward to the marketing innovations in store for 2016.

Here are three of our top picks:

1. Improving the in-store experience

One strategy many marketers will focus on in 2016 is improving consumers' in-person experience with a brand’s products or services. It’s no longer enough to motivate someone to walk into a store to purchase an item. Brands need to stay top-of-mind for consumers while they browse aisles, check smartphones for reviews and compare products against competitors.

Innovations for the in-store experience will include sharing localized, relevant messages through traditional in-store signage and, most interestingly, interactive display.

2. Social expands to search.

Social media will always be a core tactic to engage with target audiences. Now, with Facebook expanding search to include all public posts, marketers have the opportunity to connect with more customers – current and potential.

Innovative brands will begin optimizing social posts and pages with SEO best practices, to help audiences discover their content. Social searches also give marketers the ability to test keywords to identify what’s resonating with audiences, before doing a complete overhaul of their website or landing pages.

3. Back to the basics with consumers.

Even as technology becomes more advanced, and innovative marketing grabs headlines and wins industry awards, marketers will start shifting to a singular focus: the consumer. It doesn’t matter if a campaign is the latest and greatest approach in marketing. What matters is if it resonates with a brand’s target audience.

The best campaigns could be built using a relevant direct mail campaign, personalized marketing or engaging social content. Marketers are spending more time analyzing data, measuring campaigns and making strategic recommendations based on consumer feedback, all in an effort to better understand, and serve the customer.

What marketing innovations do you predict for 2016? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @vya_systems.

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