3 simple ways to better connect with consumers

Oct 22, 2015

Vya Staff

Inspire brand loyalty with a consistent brand experienceToday, consumers experience your brand across a wide-variety of platforms. As a corporate marketer, you often have control over many of these: corporate-run social media accounts, websites, marketing campaigns and more.

But, sometimes control is looser in areas where it needs to be the strongest: in-store and other in-person interactions. When your company manufactures products and relies on retail outlets or other third-party sales channels to sell and connect with consumers, you need to be sure your brand is well represented to motivate consumers to purchase.

A consistent, powerful in-store experience will inspire brand loyalty. Here are three simple tactics to help drive that loyalty, in-store and in-person.

  1. DIGITAL SIGNAGE: Consumers aren’t just shopping for your product when they are in store. They are using their smartphones to research products, find inventory and compare prices – all while browsing the aisles. An interactive digital signage system promotes your product, offers more information, expands selection that’s available in store and helps consumers find deals on the products they need from you. Digital can go even farther. It can help facilitate two-way relationships. Consumers can gather information and details they need about your products and you can capture critical details like email, demographics and shopping habits.
  2. TRADE SHOWS OR EVENTS: Digital signage can expand to trade shows or local events where you’re showcasing a booth. Branded signage, brochures, promotional items should also be customized to the event, location and unique audience needs.
  3. UNIQUE IN-STORE SIGNAGE: Capture consumers’ attention while they walk the aisle with out-of-the-box in-store signage. Banners, end-caps and counter mats present great opportunities to interact with consumers and enhance the brand experience.

Of course, in-store isn’t the only place where you should create a consistent experience. Here are a few other areas you may want to consider, if you’re not already:

  • Key messages: Consider sharing key messages with sales teams on product features, service capabilities or brand messaging
  • Localized email templates: Create email templates that local stores can customize and distribute to local email lists that promote store events, promotions or region-specific sales drivers, such as weather or celebrations
  • Social media: Empower local stores to share corporate-approved social media messages to engage their networks with your brand. Social media management systems can help make this process easy and seamless.

How do you connect with consumers when they are in-store or in front of your sales teams? Share your thoughts with us on twitter at @vya_systems.

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