Thankful for 25 Years of Vya

Nov 27, 2018

Jay Brokamp

The Vya team celebrates 25 years in businessA quarter century – that sure sounds like a long time. Think back 25 years… what do you remember about 1993? Bill Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States. Top films were Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire, Groundhog Day, Sleepless in Seattle and Schindler’s List. The cost of a first-class stamp was $0.29.

For Vya, 1993 is cause for celebration – it’s the year we were founded. Recently our team gathered to reflect on our history and say thank you to those who have made it possible for our 25 years of success in delivering marketing execution and print production services to our amazing customers.

How We Got Here
We launched in 1993 as DocuStar, a wholesale provider of copy services to the printing trade. Since then, Vya has successfully navigated a changing marketplace. We rebranded in 2015 as Vya, having evolved into a provider of end-to-end marketing resource management solutions designed to help companies customize, localize and efficiently manage their marketing, messaging and materials for more relevance, impact and overall business success. (Read more of Vya’s success milestones.)

Technology has dramatically changed marketing execution and fulfillment, since we launched a quarter century ago. What hasn’t changed, is our highly personalized approach to customer service, which has enabled us to grow and evolve in partnership with our clients.

Vya’s success is also due in part to our ability to predict and adapt to industry trends, and our future continues to be tied to investing in technology.

As our COO Kandi O’Connor explains, “With each new wave of technological advancement in marketing and print production, Vya has discovered new ways to support and contribute to the success of our customers. We are truly excited for the next 25 years!”

As we turn the page on our 25th year, we are filled with gratitude – for our valued customers who partner with us on their marketing programs, for our industry partners and service providers who help us do what we do, and for our talented and dedicated team, without whom, Vya would not be here today.

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