Don’t Stop the Presses: Overcoming Print Materials Challenges for End-Product Manufacturers

Feb 27, 2017

Despite digital marketing’s dominance in today’s marketing mix, printed materials continue to play a vital role for end-product manufacturers. From product manuals, operating procedures and material safety data sheets, to price books and hang tags – there are certain applications that demand printed materials.

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Tags: manufacturing, print, hang tag printing, material safety data sheet printing, kitting

Build a better brand experience from the bottom up

Nov 05, 2015

In the manufacturing industry, one of marketing’s greatest asset are the sales channels, on the ground, in local markets, who are responsible for representing, sharing and selling a brand’s products or services.

But how can you break through the noise of the sales room floor? The consumer shopping experience is very different today, and sales channels represent several different brands all at once – including competing brands.

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Tags: manufacturing, customer experience, brand loyalty, bottom up branding, bottom up marketing

Generate demand, increase sales by bringing together marketing, sales and production

Oct 08, 2015

It’s no secret that when sales and marketing work together, sales can jump. Add production teams, and these groups can create a well-oiled machine: one that can generate demand, predict need and increase sales. When you’re a manufacturer, that insight is critical to running a smooth operation.

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Tags: manufacturing, sales, marketing, marketing resource management, increase sales, sales and marketing alignment

Curious about co-branded campaigns? Here are four factors for success.

Aug 17, 2015

Have you been hearing more about “co-branded” campaigns lately? It’s with good reason. Co-branded marketing campaigns can increase your reach and introduce you to new audiences, and drive brand awareness and sales.

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Tags: manufacturing, insurance, marketing resource management, co-branded, co-branded campaigns

When MDF, Co-Op Funds Get Left on the Table, Sales Get Left Out in the Cold

Mar 12, 2015

Encourage vendor participation with solid MDF, co-op program


Market development funds (MDF) and co-op funds are one way to effectively reach local audiences. Managed correctly, these tools can motivate and incentivize affiliates, channel partners, resellers, distributors, or other third party sellers to put your brand’s message in the local marketplace with company-approved campaigns.

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Tags: manufacturing, local marketing, co-op funds, MDF funds

Getting the Most From Your Co-Op Funds Investment

Sep 17, 2014

Who doesn’t want to spend money wisely? When it comes to using co-op or market development funds (MDF), effective fund management at the local level is the key to success.

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Tags: co-op marketing, manufacturing, distributors, distributed sales, financial services, insurance, co-op funds, market distribution funds, dealers, MDF funds, channel partners

How to Make the Transition to Digital Marketing

Apr 16, 2013

Change can be scary, both in life and in business. To change often requires hard work and commitment, and most of the time the outcome or results of those efforts are uncertain. In business, technology is constantly driving change. While some industries are quick to embrace that change, others are slow to adapt.

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Tags: digital marketing, big data, manufacturing, direct mail, online marketing, brand management, traditional marketing, campaign management, financial services, insurance, MRM, social media, marketing technology, marketing resource management

Creative Multichannel Marketing Campaign Ideas for February

Jan 03, 2013

Because they target customers across multiple channels, multichannel marketing campaigns are an effective strategy to breakthrough advertising clutter and capture customer and prospect interest. Multichannel campaigns can also help to generate measureable results through integration with technologies such as PURLs and QR codes. As we move into the New Year, here are some creative ideas to help you get a head start on planning your February multichannel campaigns.

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Tags: marketing ideas, PURLs, manufacturing, Automotive, financial services, QR Codes, insurance, marketing campaign, Building Products

How Marketing Resource Management Helps to Streamline Co-op Marketing

Oct 04, 2012

According to iMedia Connection, it is estimated that manufacturers invest $50 to $520 billion dollars in co-op marketing programs annually. In comparison to the estimated total U.S. advertising spend this year of $153 billion, reports iMedia, that translates to a lot of money available for co-op programs, but much of this funding is “left on the table.” According to the article:

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