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Sep 04, 2013

We live in a hyper-accelerated world. Our technology and our culture, driven and transformed by technology, are developing rapidly. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the mobile realm. Allowing users to receive information every second without requiring access to a computer, opening a newspaper, or turning on a radio or television, mobile technology above all else leads the business world forward.

QR or “Quick Response” codes are printed square codes that turn URLs, vCards, or any other kind of text into an encrypted set of pixels, which can be scanned onto your smartphone instantly, using a barcode scanner application. The newest addition to the ever-evolving mobile technology, with a quick scan, these QR codes provide quick and easy access to your organization’s information. Recipients are taken to your virtual business card (vcard), static URL, personalized URL (PURL), or a preset text message, depending on your specifications. Best of all, QR codes can be placed virtually anywhere; on your posters, postcards, flyers, business cards, emails, etc.

At DocuStar, you can start taking advantage of this cutting edge technology today by placing a QR code on your marketing materials. Here are just a few of the many different capabilities QR codes provide: Inform customers of new or existing product details, give them valuable coupons, provide contact information, offer exciting event details, explain competition rules, and much more. Call DocuStar customer service today to find out how QR codes can enhance your business communications and printed pieces.

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