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May 07, 2015

Local marketing campaign tips for bankingEvery day, bank branches and employees are spread across regions interacting with their local customers. Those relationships provide valuable insights into the unique needs of communities and consumers. That’s why it’s important to make sure local branches and mortgage loan officers have a voice to share insights and apply them to local marketing campaigns.

Balancing that voice and input with the need to provide a consistent – not to mention compliant – brand can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are simple steps that corporate marketing teams can take to empower local teams while maintaining control of the final message.

1) Create marketing templates that can be easily customized.

Create branded templates for postcards, posters, direct mail pieces and more, and load them into a marketing resource management system. Local sales teams can then easily access the materials, and then customize their contact information, target demographics and other select areas to tailor the piece for local audiences.

2) Streamline quality assurance and compliance adherence.

Establishing a set process for reviewing and approving customized marketing materials can help brands get materials to market faster and minimize exposure risks. An MRM system can provide a simple, effective and automated solution. Once a local sales team customizes a template, it’s electronically sent to marketing and legal for review and approval. Corporate teams can approve or request changes seamlessly. The technology also provides an avenue to track materials’ progress and approval to help manage potential, future audits.

3) Ensure you have dedicated support to optimize your investment.

Technology should take complexity away, not provide a barrier to use. That’s why we’re dedicated to standing behind the technology we offer. We partner with our clients from day one, making sure our MRM system delivers solutions that will work for their specific needs. Our team provides regular training, including monthly webinars and on-site meetings to make sure end users understand how to use the system and are taking advantage of the local campaigns available.

For financial institutions working across widespread regions, remember there are ways to help streamline local marketing efforts. Learn more how we can help solve these and other critical marketing operation challenges.

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Kandi O'Connor

Learn how Vya can help simplify local marketing through our marketing resource management systems, campaign execution services, and print expertise.

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