Three lessons learned from insurance marketing

Sep 03, 2015

Kandi O'Connor

ThinkstockPhotos-176692231_ColorEdit_smlr.pngThere’s no industry more dynamic than the insurance industry. Facing strong competition, evolving customer needs and strict regulation, insurance companies need to be able to operate consistently—while also staying flexible to quickly adapt to change.

Specific companies’ needs always vary, of course, but as a marketing partner we consistently discover ways to help insurance companies find efficiencies and reduce costs. By allowing for greater customization of marketing materials, yet maintaining central control of the brand, we help them strengthen customer relationships and increase policies sold, while reducing compliance risk.

Here are a few of our key insights for insurance marketing.

1) Get local, and get personal.

In an industry where agents and brokers are geographically dispersed, agents and brokers need local, personalized materials to effectively promote your products. Make sure the collateral materials you provide are relevant and stay up-to-date. Mechanisms exist that make it easy to adjust various materials as products and brands are updated, as rates fluctuate (even on a daily basis) or as contact information changes.

Additionally, today’s marketplace demands personal interactions; make sure your agents can communicate 1-to-1 with customers and prospects via direct mail or email.

2) Stay centralized.

That brings us to our second lesson. In order to allow for continually updated, locally relevant marketing materials and personalized customer interactions, marketing operations must be centralized. Not only do centralized operations allow for branding and quality control and budget oversight, they ensure compliance.

Locally produced materials open you up to compliance risk—and that’s a risk no one wants to take. By centralizing marketing resources and streamlining administrative processes, and you can find a marriage of efficiency and compliance.

3) Make it easy.

Manual processes are time-consuming and, with today’s technology, are unnecessarily cumbersome. Imagine a secure hub that allows agents and brokers to sign in and find the marketing materials, logos and funding available to them, and allows them to customize specific assets and have proofs automatically routed for approval. That’s today’s reality. Up-to-date materials should be quick and painless. Automated processes can also allow funds to be deployed by work group or marketing department, or even at an individual user level. Technology makes these processes easier, and is easy to maintain.

Insurance marketing certainly has its challenges.  However, even in a complex industry, it shouldn’t be hard for companies to professionally deliver their brands across all customer-facing collateral. We are dedicated to helping companies streamline their marketing efforts and bring all digital assets and processes together in one place, to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Read our case study to learn how we helped one national insurance company overcome challenges similar and these to help boost their brand in local markets.

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